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The Disadvantages of Wearable Computers


Wearable computers are one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology existing today. Sophistication comes with expense as it requires high levels of technology to come up with wearable computers making the end product price high and unaffordable to many. In the case of a construction company, wearable computers have the potential to increase efficiency but are undermined by the high costs of setting up local area networks, LANS, which would aid in the synchronization of data.


Wearable computers can be quite heavy. This is due to the many components one has to attach to the body. A wearable computer, like any other computer, requires a Central Processing unit, CPU, as well as a monitor and peripheral devices that enable the input of information into the computer. Where these components are separate from each other, they can be tedious to wear and constantly carry around. The computer can also be quite heavy if all these components are built into the wearable computer.


During hot weather or high energy activities, wearable computers tend to irritate the user or wearer. This is because the computer emits its own heat despite its inbuilt cooling system, and the users too emit heat due to the daily activities they are engaged in. Like regular computers, wearable computers also tend to leave users with a slight headache as a side effect from their prolonged use.


Wearable computers can be openings for security breaches if left unattended. Whether personally or commercially used, wearable computers could easily be hacked by anyone as they are exposed to everyone you meet during the day. In the case of organizations, wearable computers are connected to the company's server to enable easier communication between individuals out in the field and their counterparts in the office. If left unattended or unsecured, wearable computers provide anyone interested in retrieving information about a person or an organization with an opportunity to do so and use this information to either steal company or personal secrets.

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