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Easy Dieting Tips

There are some easy dieting tips that can change how you feel and how you look in a minimal amount of time.
Have you gained some weight over the years or recently had a baby?Is life really busy and you just don't know how you can incorporate living healthy into your schedule?Well don't worry, I have a list of easy dieting tips that are "doable" for any lifestyle.
1) Limit your calories to 2000 a day or under.
You see, I didn't say you can only eat carrot sticks and broccoli!However you don't want to fill up on empty calories i.
e; soda, sweets, bread, etc.
You will find yourself hungry and quick!So you do need to incorporate healthy foods into your diet.
2)Eat six small meals a day instead three huge ones!If we ate like cows we would all be healthy!I know, I know, that just doesn't sound right does it?But have you ever noticed how cows graze all day?They eat slowly, in small quantities, throughout the day.
If you adapt this habit and include healthy foods, you are on your way! 3) Don't ever eat after 7 p.
or try to put at least three hours between dinner and bedtime.
4) Get on up and move something!Yes you have to incorporate exercise.
No this doesn't have to be a torturous hour at the gym every day.
Get out and do some yard work three times a week.
Walk in the evenings with your family.
It's relaxing and a great way to spend some quality time.
Push the vacuum around for 15 or 20 minutes a day.
Your carpets will love you!Turn some music on and dance!This one is my favorite.
I'm a Salsa/Merengue chica and can dance all day (or night!) with this music in my MP3 player!

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