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Before getting into the heart of the subject, we must first learn a few fundamentals about your subconscious mind as it is the core of the matter...
Your nervous system consists of two parts, a subconscious and a conscious part.
The conscious part is active when you do something while you're thinking about what you're doing, such as tying your shoe, writing, hugging someone, etc.
All these actions happen when you're thinking.
The subconscious actions occur when you're not thinking, such as your heart beating, your breathing, etc.
Let's now illustrate the difference between the conscious and subconscious minds and how they interact...
You first start to learn how to drive a car.
You're clumsy.
Everything you're doing is extremely conscious and robotic, put on the accelerator, check the speed, look at the lanes so you don't weave, etc.
Now when you're driving, you're simultaneously, putting on your make-up, talking on your cell-phone, eating your breakfast, etc.
You don't even think about it.
You do it all subconsciously.
There is such a thing as 'ignorant intelligence.
'A salesman starts a new job and outdoes everybody else the first week he's there because he doesn't know the average quotas.
In the same respect, you are often given "quotas" by other people about what you can or can't do or can/can't have.
You can't pick up potential sex partner(s) (PSP) in nightclubs; they won't approach you, you won't be able to find a mate, etc.
If you believe them, these things are recorded into your subconscious as facts and you will live up to their expectations.
You won't be able to pick-up or hold a conversation with your PSP.
So how do you get a bountiful amount of sex?Go back to when you were a child.
Your parents told you not to do certain things but you kept on doing them.
You weren't afraid to socialize or try new things.
You had limitless energy and would do whatever you thought was right.
Now you are socialized to obey rules, as you're parents probably told you, "no means no.
"This fear of "no" has gotten into your subconscious.
It prevents you from meeting your PSP.
If you instead filter out what "they" say and practice intelligent ignorance, by trying your best, feeding yourself positive thoughts to your subconscious you will become an 'ignorant intelligent.
'You will be ignorant to what others say, and will be passing everybody's quotas or specifications of you.
You will be able to have relationships, whether they be sexual, mental, or spiritual with the opposite sex.
If you don't ignore what they say, you will feed your subconscious with these negative thoughts and you will 'dumbly' live up to their expectations.
Whenever you work on a problem, such as a job, or a personal problem, you can work on it yourself consciously, clumsily and robotically.
Another, a lot easier way to go about it is to work it using your subconscious.
Ask infinite intelligence, your subconscious or that silent voice inside your head for answers.
Once you activate your subconscious, or that "silent voice" you evoke an infinite intelligence that will get you to your goal: getting laid.
Then, and only then will a true solution come, if not you will keep on missing your PSP.
Follow the little voice in your head.
It's a clear voice that will get your dreams to become a reality through a series of "lucky coincidences.
"Although you'll know these coincidences, were the power of your subconscious mind, which you activated by the power of your thoughts.
You might face fear.
If you do recite Ralph Waldo Emerson's famous quote over and over again, especially when you feel fear: "Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.
" Moving on closer to the heart of the matter...
Your subconscious is sometimes activated by deep thought and visualization.
However, sometimes it's activated by lack of thinking, working, and/or meditation.
You should try all three, one will be better than all the others for you.
However, understand that all three work in harmony with each other.
As you think or visualize certain ideas come to your subconscious.
Throughout the day, those certain ideas pop up again and are expanded on by the subconscious as you work.
During quiet time, perhaps eating lunch by yourself, more ideas pop-up.
Visualization is important because it gives you that extra edge for manifesting your goals, in this case, getting sex.
Visualize with imaginary or real PSP - what you're going to say, how you're going to say it.
Especially emotionalize what you're going to do, how you're going to feel.
This is extremely important to the subconscious as the subconscious is impressed by feelings.
Picture yourself in different environments, i.
bars, libraries, etc.
Say out loud what you would normally say, and with enthusiasm, "hey, how are you doing?" Be loud and bold when you say it, say it while visualizing that the person is right next to you.
Say it with feeling, say it many times, visualize and you will soon be able to do it with real people on instinct.
Visualizing emotions includes visualizing your facial expressions, smiling, laughing, nodding, leaning forward, etc.
You should be smiling for a prolonged period of time during your visualization because that's what will bring you to the opposite sex like magic.
A good smile from the opposite sex, especially one you're interested in is an aphrodisiac.
If you don't believe me, check out people you're interested in, watch them smile, I guarantee you your hormones will kick up a level.
Think about what you want, who you want to be with, even if you don't know if this person exists yet.
Write out a physical/spiritual/mental description.
Have a positive attitude, and display confidence (a good way to show this is by smiling) to the outer world.
If you believe enough to impress your subconscious then it shall be.
However, you must follow its instructions.
The best time to visualize is when you're about to go to sleep or early in the morning.
That's because you're not fully conscious, you're mostly working at a subconscious level.
Only your inner organs are working due to the subconscious, not the conscious mind.
Thus, you have an easier time impressing thoughts into your subconscious.
As you visualize, during the night or early in the day, you'll be surprised that great thoughts come from nowhere as to how to increase your love life.
That's when you know you've impressed your subconscious.
Just keep on working hard, and you will get what you want.
You will reach your goal, if you don't quit, and if you believe.
Visualization will help bring more PSP to you; from there you might have to gain the experience necessary to capitalize on it.
This means that you might find a PSP you want.
You might mess it up the first few times, until you gain the experience necessary to be able to capitalize on the opportunity.
For instance, you might miss the sign to kiss your PSP, you might miss the sign that he/she is interested in you altogether.
Being able to read the signs might require reading the books, however, it does require something money can't buy: experience.
Sure, the first few times aren't going to go great.
However, anything worth doing is worth doing wrong at first.
Sometimes you might need to reprogram your subconscious.
You might have programmed your subconscious to think that there's no way you're going to find a relationship because of your years of bad experiences.
If you think these thoughts, sure enough your subconscious mind will send signals to your conscious mind to sabotage the relationship.
Reprogram your subconscious mind if it's programmed for failure by visualizing and by sometimes doing the opposite of what you'd do normally.
If you feel like dumping someone, before you even get to know them, first try to talk to a friend and get his/her opinion.
Unless they did something terribly wrong, you shouldn't dump them...
If not, you'll be following a pattern of keeping on dumping or sabotaging potential relationships, or even ongoing relationships.
This faulty programming a lot of times is used by the subconscious, so you the conscious part can say, "I can't find anybody all men/women are jerks.
"This faulty pattern of thinking is especially true for somebody who has been hurt in the past.
Well, now you know better.
Your subconscious mind is the most powerful part of your entire body, as it's the part that controls all the other parts.
Controlling it so that it works in your favor is not something that you should leave to chance.
Always think positively, you can have a relationship, you can find your soul mate and you can get married.
If you impress these thoughts into your subconscious eventually you will - live out your every desire.

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