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Is there actually such thing as an online affair?

When referring to an affair (on its own), it usually means two people having a romantic and/or sexual interaction, and whom are both already spoken for either by marriage or a committed, long term relationship. A relationship that either was generated or continues solely through the Internet as a medium for meeting and/or communication, with the same intention, is called an online affair. 

Sounds pretty straightforward, and it is.

However, determining if you or your partner are in an online affair is a whole different conversation, and at times quite challenging to define. I did my best to help folks questioning their situation with the article, "If We're Just Talking Online, Is It Cheating?"

Also Known As: cyber affair, cyber relationship, cyber romance, Internet affair, online relationship, virtual affair

Example: "So, I met this lady online... in a photography chat room". "Oh my God Phil, are you having an online affair?"

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