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How to Hold a Mic Cable

    • 1). Check out the location and set up of the microphone and cable before the show if possible. Note the length of the cord and see that it is not held down by a stool or piece of equipment to allow free motion.

    • 2). How you position the cable may vary depending on the type of performance. A musical act who prefers to keep the microphone in the stand may wrap excess cord around the stand to keep it out of the way.

    • 3). For acts who prefer a lot of motion and pacing back and forth, hold the cord at your side slightly away from your body with the hand not holding the microphone, to keep it from getting underfoot or tangled in something on stage.

    • 4). While pacing, flip the cable away from your legs from time to time to keep the slack and avoid tripping on it.

    • 5). Keep a bit of slack in the cord to avoid having the microphone get disconnected because the cable got snagged. Check the connection with your off hand at times to see that it remains secure.

    • 6). Some singers may choose to have their arm holding the microphone at an angle and loop the cord around their forearm a few times, to keep from stepping on it and, frankly, because it just looks cool.

    • 7). Figure out what works best for you personally, and get into the habit of using that method so that in time you won't even have to think about the possibility of a microphone cable mishap.

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