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    Landscaping Software for Mac

    • A comprehensive program like "Punch! Home and Landscaping Design Studio" will provide tools that help you plan your garden, design integrated sprinkler systems and see how your plantings will mature over decades. In-program tutorials walk the gardener through the steps to build the design and add other landscape elements like decks. Once the design is complete, hit the "Estimator" button and see a complete materials list and an estimate of costs and planting schedules.

    Landscaping Software for Windows

    • For homeowners who use the Windows operating system, landscaping software is easy to install and use in the familiar Windows format. With a variety of price points, you can find software that can help you plot a garden, design plantings for a slope or ditch and provide useful information on a species' requirements for light, water and soil. Software developers include familiar names like "HGTV Home and Landscape Platinum Suite" and "Realtime Landscaping Plus 5" from IDEA Spectrum. Higher priced products offer better graphics and 3D tools to help you visualize your dream landscape.

    Home Decorating Software for Mac

    • Whether you are building an entire home or just renovating one space, home decorating software includes tools that address the bare bones of the room plus the decorative features you want to include like plant placement, light fixtures and color palettes. Programs like "Live Interior 3D Pro" provide realistic graphics, revolving viewpoints and options to see your design in various lighting scenarios. Use your Mac software to rethink existing spaces in your home with a focus on "green" products and elements that will both update your home and make it more energy efficient.

    Home Decorating Software for Windows

    • Easy to use and full of familiar Windows command options; home decorating software for the latest Windows version takes full advantage of video drivers and graphics cards. Programs like "Home Designer Suite 10" by Chief Architect use a high degree of detail in illustrations to give the user the most realistic idea of how his space would look after making the determined changes. Novice designers will appreciate "Wizards," templates or tutorials that can walk them through the program and promote the greatest amount of creativity and consideration of individual home details.

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