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Cool, Fun and Unique Groomsmen Gifts

    Guys Weekend

    • If all of your groomsmen are friends with one another or at least enjoy being in the same room with one another, plan a guys weekend. This could include going to a local golf resort, attending a sporting event or an elaborate trip to Las Vegas for fun. You can plan for your groomsmen to leave directly after your wedding or you can plan the trip for a couple weeks after, so that you can accompany them. The girl-free getaway will also help reassure them that now that you are married you are still one of the guys.


    • Give your groomsmen the latest gadgets. A new MP3 player, digital camera or gaming system will be a luxurious gift he never saw coming. If one of those options does not work, you could also choose from smart phones, an e-reader, XM radios, surround sound systems or a gift certificate to an electronics store. If you are purchasing different electronic items for each groomsman, ensure that you spend approximately the same amount on each groomsman, except for the best man.

    Sporting Goods

    • If your pals love sports, choose to give each of them a piece of their favorite team's memorabilia. Autographed team balls or an autographed jersey from his favorite player will show him that you were thinking of him when selecting the gift and that his contribution to your wedding was important. If you cannot find autographed memorabilia, give seasons tickets, if his favorite team is local.

    Custom Bar Accessories

    • Bar accessories are timeless gifts that will appeal to any man who enjoys his alcohol. Even if your groomsman does not own his own bar he will be able to use the item when entertaining anywhere in the house. Choose a set of personalized shot glasses, beer mugs or coasters, which can be easily purchased and engraved. If you give each groomsman the same item, you can choose a different style for each or customize them with a personal inscription. Add their favorite bottle of alcohol to your gift to show that you put thought into each gift.

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