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Your Ex-girlfriend Will Come Back To You - If You Are Willing To Think Outside The Box

It can be hard to know what to write in a get well card, especially if someone is undergoing a long illness. Normally, we send a card when we first hear news of someone being unwell. It's natural to want to send greetings and words of love and support at this time, but as an illness gets drawn out, we can be at a loss to know how to continue with our encouragement.

It all rests of course with our ties to the one we're thinking of. They will know how sincere we are in our words, and greetings taken from other sources always need to be made personal.

There are a whole heap of places to find words to include in cards, and letters. We may feel that our own words are inadequate but they are alway the most genuine and the best.

Don't be concerned that your ability to put some words together is less than perfect. It is so much more important to get a card with an extra, hand written message, rather than one 'off the shelf and merely 'signed'.

It's easy to put so much emphasis on what to say that we forget that the words are all tied up in the way we offer them. By that I mean, how we actually share these words verbally with our sick friend or family member.

Think about it. In giving a card we usually also re-iterate the thoughts it contains. We often talk about what we wrote, and re-affirm our feelings for their recovery. Not only do they read the words, they hear a similar version spoken. These two together confirm in their minds the level of the thoughts that you put into the card writing and giving. If the sincerity of the words written and the words spoken don't match up, then something is wrong.

Choosing a verse, or a message from other sources may get us out of writing something ourselves. But is that really what matters here? Would your sick friend or family member prefer to hear someone else's words, or would they rather hear your words. Because be in no doubt, as they read your words, they will hear them too, imagining you saying them.

It's not that easy to write with true emotion because we are used to reading and hearing 'standard' phrases at times of illness. It's natural to send our love and best wishes for a quick and speedy recovery. Far more powerful are words that almost lay us bare, emotionally. No it's not easy to say:

When I heard you were sick I sat and thought how much you meant to me I'm sending you my love and energy to be with you as you recover I am here for you, as you have always been for me

It takes strength to open your heart to another because it makes us vulnerable. But this is just the time to do it, because a loved one of ours needs to know that they aren't alone. It's not easy but it is, as my Father would have said character forming. It's times of honest card writing when we have the opportunity to show how we care. But few of us it seems are up for it.

Yes, it's easier to look for a verse to do the business for us. And if that is your route match your selection of words or verse with your intent of what you want it say. Bear in mind your relationship to the recipient.

Do the words sit comfortably with you? Are they words that they would expect to hear from you? Is the message uplifting? Is it from a text that they would welcome? Does it say the right thing?

Think of them and what would make them feel loved and appreciated after all. It's far less important that you are impressed with the text! Remember, they are likely to read and re-read your card many times so be careful in the words you choose and let them match the message you feel unable to write yourself.

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