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Your Ex-girlfriend Will Come Back To You - If You Are Willing To Think Outside The Box

There are a lot of really common techniques that most guys end up using when they want to get back an ex girlfriend. And these common methods that usually get used are really not at all that effective, especially when you consider that you might not be the first guy to try them out. If your ex girlfriend is over the age of 21, then she probably has already had at least one ex boyfriend OTHER than you try to win her back.

Because of this, most women are reluctant to give their ex boyfriend another shot. They have heard it all before, seen it all before, and they are also well aware that most of the time, nothing seems to change. That is why you NEED to think outside the box and try other techniques to get your ex girlfriend back.

Here are some tips that you should try to get her back:

1. Instead of begging for her forgiveness, try to build attraction with her instead.

Ask any woman when she is being REAL and HONEST, and she will let you in on the fact that a man begging for forgiveness is about the least attractive picture you can paint. It sounds good that you would be willing to drop to your knees and want to apologize over and over, but it sure does not look so good. You need to work on building attraction with her, not begging her OVER and OVER.

2. Instead of trying to use manipulation to win her back, create a strong sense of rapport.

When people get into petty little arguments and go through breakups, they tend to use a lot of emotional manipulation on each other. Of course, this just makes it all become one big mess, and it will not help you to win back your girlfriend. What you need to do instead, is create such a strong sense of rapport, that she keeps on thinking of YOU when she wants to hang out with someone, talk with someone, and be intimate with someone.


I know, that sounds a little more well suited for a business discussion, but let me explain. Most of the time, guys will spend their downtime thinking about their ex girlfriend and how much they want to get back with her, but they do not do much about it. If you make your time a little more efficient, then you would be much more focused on producing a result, and in this case, that would mean getting her back.

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