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My Uncle called me nasty names related to my excessive weight.
My fat.
Boy, did that burn me up.
Instead of getting into shape, though, I ate more.
Has that ever happened to you? That emotional eating turned into a habit.
Whenever I boiled over, I didn't stop eating like so many others, I ate even more.
A psychologist told me I was trying to gain control over something, anything at all, and that the "control issue" took the form of eating.
That wasn't enough though.
I was born into an Italian family who loved to congregate over bread and cheese, beer and wine.
My need for control, exhibited by over eating, was now further complicated by eating foods that were adding on the pounds.
Naturally, the more I ate, the less I wanted to exercise.
The cycle was set.
I'd get upset, eat, get depressed, eat, get more depressed, hunt down the comfort of hanging out with my family and ate more, but this time with foods that poured on the calories.
Wow, tenth grade and 205 pounds.
That wasn't too attractive.
Add to that the ridicule I quietly endured by classmates and I found myself supporting my weight and fat gain cycle beyond control.
I needed to change, to figure a way out.
So I did what most fat people do.
I starved myself.
As you might imagine, this put my spiraling weight gain cycle into turbo boost.
Not only did I gorge myself at night but I actually trained my body to slow down.
It (my body) didn't know at the time if it was going through some sort of fat loss program or it was dying of starvation.
It didn't take the chance and automatically slowed down its metabolism as a matter of survival.
I later discovered that by starving itself my body was also eating away at its own muscle tissue instead of fat.
Muscle increases your metabolism so by losing it through cannibalization, or more scientifically referred to as catabolic syndrome, I slowed my metabolism down even more.
Never did I know how dumb I was...
and getting fatter.
Since then I became a certified personal trainer and conditioning specialist maniac and opened my own personal training and fitness company.
That was twenty years ago but I still stay in shape, probably echos of my Uncle calling me from afar, "Hey Fatso..
" With decades of fitness experience and a crusading spirit, I now help other emotional eaters overcome their sluggish metabolisms.
First, you must believe you can lose weight and more importantly lose fat.
Second, stop trying everything under the sun and commit to a plan that maintains or builds muscle while you lose fat.
Any other way will eventually invite those pounds and that insidious fat to miraculously reappear.
You may not know this but fat doesn't actually leave you, it just shrinks.
Unfortunately, the cells act like a balloon.
They're elastic.
Have you ever blown up a balloon and then let the air out? Does it blow easier the second time? Does it get a tiny bit bigger the second time? Unfortunately with fat cells, it's the same principle.
Each time you shrink fat cells, they are waiting for you to eat more, eat poorly and then balloon back up-easier and larger! Elasticity.
Third, you have to calculate your activity level, your age and your gender into a formula and discover how many calories you need each day to maintain your weight.
Bring down your caloric intake but do it slowly, no more than 500 calories fewer than what you're used to.
Keep the ratio about 1 part fat, two parts protein and three parts carbohydrates.
Otherwise you will trigger the starvation mechanism that will slow down your metabolism.
Keep a food diary for a week.
Count your calories.
Before long you'll notice that you are eating with the same types of foods and keeping a calorie count will be easier.
But you'll also learn that those little snacks keep adding up and that's where a lot of your calories are coming from.
I think you've had enough for now.
I will keep writing articles if you keep showing up.
That reminds me of a story that illustrates how important showing up is.
A 400 pound lady came to my fitness center discouraged by her many efforts to lose weight.
I asked her to show up and just get on the treadmill.
"No", she yelled.
I then asked her if she would just come into the fitness center three times a week and sit on the couch in front of the reception counter where I was always running back and forth.
She agreed.
She did just that.
For about three weeks all she did was show up and sit on the couch.
We would have short chats but never anything too in depth.
Eventually, she asked to go onto the treadmill.
Slowly she began to build up a "can do-want to do" attitude.
While I was running all over the State building my business, she lost fat and weight faster than she "used to" gobbled down half a cake.
About a year passed before I saw her again and she was down to a svelte 225 pounds.
She looked great but more important, she felt great and earned a winner's attitude.

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