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Google Search Based Keyword Tool

Googles search based keyword tool is great for finding better paying adsense keywords for a website!  You an put in your website url and google will give you a list of keywords and the ppc value of each of them.  Check it out here:

The tool works best with websites associated with your google adsense account.  It will still give you results if the website is not associated with your account but the results are more limited.

The tool does however work really well with foreign language sites.  Having tested it on a few of my Spanish websites I have found that it provides a pretty good list of suggested words for adsense purposes.

Whether you are looking to start an internet business or you already have one established there are a number of tools that Google offers you to help you maximize your marketing efforts. One of these tools that can really help any online business owner is the Google Keyword Tool. This tool gives you access to thousands of keywords that are related to your business and shows you how competitive the advertising is for them and how much search volume they receive. You can even sign on to an external keyword tool without even having a Google account. All you need to do is go to the following link

The Google Keyword Tool provides you with a great starting point for your SEO marketing strategy. You can simply type in a keyword that relates to your business and the tool will provide you with detailed information on that keyword and give you a ton of other related keywords to help you capture more customers. If you are currently only writing content or articles for one or two main keywords you are missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of searchers a day that may use other related terms. It is simple, by compiling a larger list of keywords that relate to your business you will be able to attract more shoppers and make more sales.

You can generate a list of keywords by words alone or by searching existing website content. If you have a good idea of the keywords related to your type of business you can use the word search and get a huge list of keywords that you may not have even considered before. If you are just starting out with your online business you can select the website content search method and see what keywords are related to other websites that are already online. Both methods can be very helpful in giving you a broader range of keywords that you can use to build your Adwords campaigns and your SEO strategy.

If you already have a Google Adwords account, you can find the keyword tool by going to My Account, clicking on Adwords and then looking under the Tools menu. This option gives much more detailed information about the different keywords that can be used for your business. For example, it shows you the search trends throughout the year. This is a great tool because it shows you which keywords are the most popular each month of the year. This can help you with budgeting or to find other related niches that can help you supplement when search volume for your keywords tend to fall. It also provides you with the average CPC for each keyword and shows you which month in the past year produced the highest search volume.

As you can see the Google Keyword Tool is really a tool that no internet business owner should miss out on. It contains tons of priceless information that can truly help you grow and expand your online presence. If you take a bit of time and really analyze the data it provides, you can really transform your business.

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