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Learn How To Be a PUA

So you want to be an expert pick up artist? Find tips on how to be a perfect PUA.
If you are a novice, this phrase is used to describe the skills that enable a man to get the woman in front of him to be attracted to him.
Can you imagine walking into a pub and having all the women turn their heads towards you? This is what you learn from Pickup artists' skills.
The pickup artists do not use the artificial methods to attract a woman.
They are all natural skills that are not defined by how much money or type of clothes that you wear.
The first step to being a perfect PUA is to understand the psychology of a man.
This is not very difficult to identify because most men are the same.
Masculinity is defined almost in the same manner for most men.
It is not so much about the amount of muscles that he carries, but how much authority he commands.
To many men, the final stamp of authority is in the sexuality.
The more the woman has the greater is the feeling.
When I say sexuality I mean replication value, beauty but also feminine energy.
Most men want to be the man and they want women to be feminine, beautiful and fun.
PUA is also best understood from the perspective of the woman.
You need to know who the perfect man for a woman is.
The natural man is more appealing to every woman.
There is no need to adorn lots of artificial wear for a man to win a woman.
Much of what is expected to win the woman is in the eye of the man.
You need to have those eyes that will hold captive every woman.
You win a woman by the first eye contact.
A firm handshake usually communicates much more than a thousand words.
There are many ways that a natural PUA can work on himself.
It doesn't focus on looks, money, or going to the gym.
It is essentially learning to be confident, funny and positive with yourself and transferring that energy to the people around you.
We all move towards value and when you have value people will want to be around you.
Value can come in the form of many different things.
You can have good energy, be confident, humour, social skills and know cool places to go out.
Always be working on yourself and most important do not stop approaching women.

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