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Cheap Dog Crates

Crate is a small structure that is big enough to fit your dog, to accommodate him and make him feel comfortable.
Dog crates are widely using during their travel from once city to another.
Since certain airlines do not allow pets to be left loose during the journey, it is best to keep them safe in a crate.
If you are using the crate for the first time, then your pet might need some crate training.
Dog Crates come in many varieties and it is better to go for the cheap dog crates when the dog is in the training phase.
The best place to find amazing deals on cheap dog crates is in the pet magazines that are available on any news stand.
You can find online magazines and stores selling these crates too.
There are different types of crates available and the price depends upon the quality of the crate.
  • Plastic Crates: These are the most commonly used crates and are the first preference as cheap dog crates.
    These crates can be widely used for any more of transportation including by air, train or car.
    They are made of solid plastic and can protect your dog from any accident, but the biggest disadvantage with them is that they cannot be folded while not in use.
    So they do occupy a lot of space and cost between $60 - $120 USD.
  • Aluminum Crates: These are light weight and foldable crates which can be taken anywhere.
    You might find these crates in veterinarian hospitals where pets are kept after surgery.
    The bracing on these cheap dog crates is done keeping in mind the airflow and the view for the dog.
    Aluminum crates are very expensive with their prices ranging from $600 USD to $1300 USD.
    Since they are made of aluminum they are long lasting and durable.
  • Wire Crates: Wire crates are another common variety that comes under cheap dog crates.
    These are again foldable but are heavy.
    You can find many wire crates displaying dogs at the dog shows where pets are kept in their respective sections for judges to rank them.
    They also have a clear bracing of wires for proper air flow and a clear view from the inside.
    They do not cost as much as the aluminum type and are priced between $50 and $150 USD.
  • Soft Crates: Soft crates can be easily folded and can be carried around anywhere since they are light in weight.
    They may not be suitable for long distance transportation, since they can be easily deformed with any outward force.
    As they are not solid, people only use these crates at home.
    They are also not recommended for dogs that love chewing even the solid metal crates.
    Soft crates are the most affordable option, their prices ranging from $30 to $100 USD.
These are the most common types of crates you can find in the market.
Another popular range of cheap dog rates include the dog tents that are now being replaced by soft tents because of their larger size and better structure.

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