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Advice on Housebreaking Puppy - Must Read

Housebreaking puppy is something every new pet owner will have to face if your puppy is going to live in the house.
This process is not difficult, or messy if done the right way.
The first thing to remember is to keep this a positive experience, don't scold your puppy for having an accident.
Instead just clean it up and keep a closer eye on your pup.
The next thing to remember when housebreaking puppy is to create a routine.
Start a schedule and stick with it.
Have a certain time for you puppy to eat meals and about 20-30 minutes, take them outside.
Take them out about every 15-20 minutes when awake and playing.
Schedule a wake up time and a bedtime for your pup.
If nothing else, be consistent with the wake time and bedtime, (even on your day off, get up to let puppy out at the same time).
If you can't keep an eye on your puppy, keep them in an enclosed area with lots of newspaper on the floor or use a crate.
The use of a crate can help to speed up the housebreaking puppy process.
Dog's don't like to mess where they sleep.
Get a crate that is just large enough for them to move around and lay down in (if there is to much room, they will use one side to mess and the other to sleep).
Crate training your puppy can be a very good thing later also, most dogs will have to placed in a crate at some point in their life (vets, grooming, or traveling).

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