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How to Update Your iPhone Applications

Most app developers release free updates to their apps that contain bug fixes, extended functionality, or new design elements.
It is important to keep your apps up to date as you may be missing out on useful additions to your applications on your phone.
You can update your apps directly on your phone with the Updates tab in the App Store.
We do not recommend doing this.
Depending on your connecting to the internet, it can take a long time to update and this will also wear down your battery.
For your enjoyment, we recommend updating your apps through iTunes on your computer.
This will help prevent your phone from running out of battery and will also be a lot faster (especially if you have a lot of apps that have updates.
At the button right of iTunes you will a "Updates Available".
Click that link; then click download all free updates.
This will then start the update process which depending on how many applications you have, can take a few minutes to over an hour.
The download menu will tell you the status of your apps being downloaded.
It is important to keep on eye on this in case you need your phone for anything else in the period in which you are updating your apps.
If the app update is taking too long, you can choose to only update certain applications to save time and then update them when you have free time in the future.
Updating applications can be a pain to do if you have a lot that need updates but we highly recommend that you update your apps frequently because every update is an improved application.
Most apps updates include valuable uses that are completely free! So why miss out on them? Update your iPhone apps today.

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