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Tips to Help You Get Up Early

If you're anything like me, I love to get my rest and the feeling of being in my bed.
However, this feeling is not always good for you because it causes other problems.
One problem that it may cause is for us to over sleep which leads to often time being late or simply rushing in the morning.
Everyone hates to rush in the morning, at least I do.
Rushing just causing me to make a mess, forget things, and it starts my morning out hectic.
So, I needed to do something about this feeling of not wanting to get out of bed.
Believe or not, I prayed and God answered my prayers.
One morning I woke up late and began to pray, "Lord teach me to get up out of this bed and not feel so lazy in the morning.
" Though I wasn't sure why I was praying this simple prayer, God still answered it.
The Holy Spirit immediately began to speak to my heart and here are the things that were told to me.
#1 Each time we refuse to get up in the morning, we are upsetting God because he didn't have to allow us to see another day.
#2 God wants us to rest.
However, not to take the day for granted.
Each day we should wake up with joy in our hearts and gladly get out of our beds to first praise him.
This should be something that you anticipate doing daily.
#3 I was reminded of Psalms 118:24 This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
#4 Play some music.
I love getting dressed in the morning as I listen to my favorite music.
Not only does it help me to get up, but it also puts me into a good mood.
#5 When you get up to press that snooze button, immediately make your bed.
This will prevent you from wanting to climb back in it.
#6 Open your curtains/blinds and let the sun's natural light shine through your window.
#7 Allow extra time for a favorite activity.
For instance, if you like to read; try reading the newspaper before work, The Bible, exercise, clean house, or whatever it is the interest you, try doing it in the morning.
How dare we spit in God's face and turn our nose up at him like we don't want to get up in the morning, as if he owes us something.
We all have heard that today is referred to as "the present" is because it's just that.
Each day is our present from God and we should gladly accept it and get the most use out of it.
I pray these tips are helpful to you.
Now go and have a good morning.

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