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My Dog is Being Sick

VOMITING If a dog is being sick repeatedly, it could well be just one symptom of any number of different illnesses.
If a dog is being sick it may be something as simple as an upset stomach, or it could be an indication of much more serious problems such as poisoning, kidney problems or an allergic reaction to drug treatment.
If the dog is sick once and appears to be perfectly well in other ways, it may simply be something that it scavenged which has caused the dog to vomit.
Often dogs will deliberately make themselves sick, usually by eating grass [a natural emetic] which will prompt the elimination of bile.
Obviously if the dog is being sick, plus showing other signs of being unwell, a trip to the Vet is needed.
With common sense and by taking the right precautions, plus guidance from your vet you should be able to reduce substantially any risk to your dog from illness or disease.
Although any ailment or illness should be checked with your Vet, it is a good idea to have a simple first Aid kit, for use in the case of minor ailments.
The kit should contain bandages, Veterinary wound powder [an antiseptic powder for cuts or bites] and liquid paraffin [for aiding the digestive system if your dog is constipated.
] ACUTE GASTRIC DILATION This is an extremely serious condition, which if left untreated can result in death within a few hours of onset.
It tends to be a condition more commonly associated with the larger, deeper chested breeds and can occur shortly after the dog has eaten due to excess gas production or gas which is unable to escape.
This causes distension of the stomach which in turn causes impaired blood flow.
The dog will show signs of distress, salivate profusely, show an enlarged abdomen and attempt to be sick.
Left untreated, the dog will go into shock and ultimately collapse and die.
URGENT Veterinary help is required.
A further complication is when the stomach then rotates and twists which usually requires emergency surgery.
Although the cause of gastric dilation is not completely understood, there are one or two things you can do to keep it from recurring.
To reduce the amount of air intake when a dog is feeding, place the bowl in a feeding stand at shoulder height to the dog.
Instead of feeding the dog twice a day feed three or four smaller meals.
Restrict the amount of water the dog takes in at any one time-obviously the dog has to drink but do not let him take in copious amounts all at one go.

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