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Answering Services - Frequently Handy in Emergencies

Although every business doesn't require the assistance of an answering service to answer calls around the clock, there are critical days when companies need extra help.
These days are often when immediate action needs to be taken by those answering and forwarding calls.
Many companies use answering services to help out during times of crisis.
Companies have used answering service during the following situations: Product Recalls.
When product recalls occur, the invasion of calls is soon to begin.
Many companies can't handle such a massive influx of calls on such short notice.
That's when professional, efficient answering services come in handy.
Special Promotions.
When a company institutes a special deal or promotion, such as a contest, rebate, or a price deal, they need to expect that there will be more incoming calls.
However, even the best businesses can miscalculate customer response.
If there is an overflow of calls, an answering service can be an ace in the pocket, allowing companies not to miss out on potential profit and opportunities.
Internal/External Crises.
Any crisis could befall an organization at any given moment of the day.
Whether it's an internal crisis like company phone line failure or an external crisis like a hurricane or snow storm, it's still important that call are answered and fielded.
To ensure that employees remain connected and customers continue to be served,, answering services are frequently employed as a back up.
Although many companies don't need the assistance of an answering service 24/7, there are definite crisis situations when an answering service is useful.
Companies who hire answering services on an as-needed emergency basis, often are grateful for their foresight when a crisis appears.

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