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ViSalus Review - Read This Third Party ViSalus Review Before Joining

If you are considering the ViSalus Sciences, Body By Vi Challenge business opportunity you will be advantaged by reading this review.
Feel confident that this is an independent 3rd party critique and unlike most reviews I will not be asking you to join ViSalus Sciences.
You are smart to perform due diligence before joining any network advertising or multilevel marketing business.
What is ViSalus Sciences MLM Ranking? An excellent indicator in the strength of any MLM firm is their ranking against leading multilevel marketing performers during the last six months.
ViSalus earns the ten spot as reported December 2011 by mlmrankings.
Just ahead of them was #9 DrinkACT, # 8 XPERIA, #7 HealthyCoffee and at #1 ARRIZ.
Compensation Strategy uses a uni-level compensation strategy.
After joining you will be certified to obtain bonuses and incentives like upfront and residual incomes as well as a luxury auto program.
Internet Popularity Percentile Rank: #17.
ViSalus's position within the multilevel marketing rankings index is 17 out of 684 property businesses actively tracked within the MLM rankings database.
Internet popularity can be a double edged sword.
Too popular and every person has heard of the opportunity.
Too little over a period of time is definitely an indicator that the organization is struggling to obtain members and retain them.
Source, mlmrankings.
com, January 1, 2012 Is the ViSalus marketing plan a simple easy to replicate system? Simple and easy to replicate is the key to making money with any MLM or network marketing opportunity.
  • The Body By Vi Challenge is the heart and soul of the ViSalus marketing campaign:
  • Join the challenge yourself
  • Lose weight
  • Others notice a difference in you
  • They ask what you are doing...
    then you have an opportunity to discuss your business
The strength in the ViSalus Sciences program is their products.
After reviewing the ViSalus and Body By Vi Challenge opportunity I learned that their marketing plan is a traditional MLM offline system whereby you ask family and friends, hold meetings and find leads via referrals and other team meetings.
To be successful in any MLM or network marketing opportunity you need to have a steady stream of leads (prospects) to place your business in front of.
Most multilevel marketing business owners fail simply because they run out of leads and prospects to pitch their business to.
The biggest enemy of MLM and network marketers is retention rate.
If the number of your down-line reduces at a rate faster than that which you can replace, your income will fade.
How many meetings would you have to hold, how many phone calls would you need to make to place your ViSalus business in front of 1000's of people each month? My recommendation is that ViSalus Sciences is a great business opportunity from a great company that I would suggest joining, however I would only join if I had a strong online marketing campaign.
Imagine putting your ViSalus company in front of 1000's of people producing leads for you every day..
People desire to join people not an opportunity.
People want to join LEADERS.
Do you want to be a leader in your ViSalus business? If that's the case Click Here.

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