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Aerospace Engineers looking for Canada Immigration

NOC 2011 2146 - Aerospace Engineers is a trade code that is laden with rich opportunities for the professionals specializing in aeronautical and aerospace technology. Canadian government has laid open 300 slots in the largely reintroduced edition of federal skills immigrants initiative the FSW 2013 and as per the current standings and conditions there is ample space for people specializing in this branch of engineering.

Economy of Canada is characterized by a major contribution of high end secondary industry component which is characterized by highly technical manufacturing, in which aeronautics and aerospace has a major role to play both as a prolific economic performer and employment provider. Although, like all other economies of developed countries economy of this highly influential country is also dominated by a gigantic services economy, but industrial framework still continues to play an important role and every year the GDP of this sector has been expanding in unison with the federal GDP.

Aerospace engineering professionals have all the opportunities to work in leading aeronautical concerns like bombardier, Bell, Euro copter Canada limited, DAVWIRE and Altitude Aerospace Limited etc. These agencies are among the major players in the fixed wing and rotary wing manned and unmanned aircraft.

Besides the manufacturing units which fabricate various components of aircrafts and spacecrafts there are several
  • Airlines operating on international and regional routes 
  • Private air taxi services and recreational flying concerns 
  • Agencies several critical engineering support services to various air transport companies worldwide.

Cumulatively, these companies and agencies have an insatiable hunger for sufficiently qualified and trained professionals with appropriate academic qualifications and professional exposure.

NOC 2011 2146 - Aerospace Engineers are engineering specialists who
  • Design and develop aerospace systems and machines, systems, equipment and components
  • Execute various routines connected to evaluation, examination and installation, operations and maintenance of aircraft and equipment

These specialists find employment in various aircraft and space craft manufacturing agencies, airline industry and public and private training and R&D facilities. In the employment these people work as Engineers in
  • Aerodynamic 
  • Aeronautical 
  • Aerospace 
  • Aircraft designing 
  • Stress assessment – Aerospace
  • Structural Assessment and testing 
  • Systems in aerospace
  • Testing and evaluation in Aerospace

Aerospace Engineers 2013 must be able to take up following tasks
    • Conceptualize and innovate 
      • Aerospace vehicles, system and apparatus i.e. aero planes, spacecrafts, missiles, satellites and space related communication equipment 
      • Design descriptions and recommendations for equipment and process to be applied in various functions related to manufacture, maintenance and repairs etc. 
    • Perform evaluation and assessment of aerospace machines and equipment with help of computer aided modeling and simulated environment (test tunnels)
    • Monitor and control aircraft fabrication, assembly, modifications, repairs and overhauling functions 
    • Lay down, define or partake in advancement of 
      • Operational aspects, time tables and manuals for personnel
      • Technical overviews and stages for logistical and functional aspects and support for aerospace crafts and equipment
      • Evaluate and examine and submit observations on equipment breakdowns, accidents and mishaps and recommend preventive measures

To qualify for 2146 - Aerospace Engineers you must have at least a graduation in aviation engineering. People involved in R&D need to be at least a masters or PhD. and also have relevant practical exposure.

Aerospace Engineers looking for Canada Immigration stand a good chance of getting entry permission under the FSW program as there are numerous slots. If you have been for an opportunity like this then you could not have asked for anything better than this. Gear up and start preparing and rope in some Canadian visa experts to provide you genuine assistance and support.

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