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A Promotion and a Raise

In this economy, thoughts of a promotion and a raise at work have been greatly overshadowed by fear of losing your job. Some people might think that either of those two things are simply out of the question right now. But a friend of mine recently got both a promotion and a raise. I'll give you the details in a moment.

For months now, I have told numerous individuals that they should not go to work with fear of loosing their job. Working with fear will interfere with both your quality and productivity on the job. If ever there was a time to excel at the work place, it is today.

Now I am a firm believer that regardless of the times that we live in, whatever job you do, you should always do your best and seek to excel. We have all seen those at work place who are "clock watchers" and do the least amount of work in order to just get by. I believe that people who subscribe to that type of work ethic will be the losers in the long run.

As old fashioned as it may sound to some people, honestly, integrity, hard work and putting your whole heart into the task at hand are solid principles of a good work ethic. And in today's economy, those principles will certainly stand out.

Now, one more thing before I tell you what happened to my friend. I will never get a call from GM or Google offering me a CEO position. I am not qualified. That's why it is very important for all of us to continue to make yourself valuable and marketable. Develop your skills and abilities so that when something does become available, you are qualified. Praying to find a better job is wonderful, but when a door opens, you need to be qualified.

Here's what my friend shared with me in an email. I'll keep his name, city, and employer confidential.

"I have been asking God for additional income. I need to pay for some personal things,and I want to buy a bigger house.

Getting more money from my job didn't look too promising since they are cutting positions, placing a hiring freeze, not filling vacated positions, AND they put a freeze on all raises.However, unbeknownst to me...

Cool Thing #1: Despite the hiring freeze, a new position in my department was approved a few weeks ago.

Cool Thing #2: I just happen to be the only one qualified for the position and was automatically promoted.

Cool Thing #3: Despite the freeze on raises, I received an 8% pay raise

Cool Thing #4: The very most you can get in a normal raise is 5%. Most are only 3-4%.

Cool Thing #4: Despite everything, they made the promotion retroactive back to June of 2008.

Cool Thing #5: The lump sum payment for the back pay will be based on 3% of the 8% raise. This will be more than enough pay for the personal things I need.

Cool Thing #7: The raise will allow me to qualify for a bigger house.God is just wonderful......exceedingly, abundantly above.", above."

Isn't that inspiring? With all the doom and gloom we are exposed to on the news every day, how remarkable this really is! With so many people going to work each day with fear in their hearts, how far from their minds is a scenario like this? Yet it happened here in the USA, in February of 2009.

I hope this inspires you and shows you that God is still on the throne! And yes, my friend did pray for more income. But also notice that when the door opened, he was qualified. He had prepared himself. In other words, we do our part. We do whatever we need to do so that when doors open, we are ready and prepared.

I have said many times, God has solutions we have never even thought of. With all the "facts" at his job, who would have ever seen this open door coming? So do your job to the best of your ability.

Continue to hone your skills and abilities. Pray and ask God for open doors. Then, refuse to live your life with fear, but instead, have confidence and trust in God. Look for and expect His help.

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