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How to Help Boost Your Dogs Immune System Function Naturally

One of the best ways to boost your dog's immune system is by supplementation, but there are other ways such as diet and yes, stress management for your buddy.
Stress can be just as damaging for our pets as it is for us.
Dogs are not loners and need the company of 'his or her family' to be totally happy.
Spend time with your dog; go for walks everyday and give him the attention he needs.
Grooming time can be quality time spent with your dog.
He will know you love him and it will show in his coat and shiny eyes and of course his health overall.
Toxins and pollution are everywhere and just like us our pets are exposed to many types of pollutants.
They are smaller in body size and so are affected even more.
They run and play on the grass that has been sprayed with chemicals.
They eat the food and water we give them, many times filled with chemicals.
Children were tested for chemical residues and it was found in some studies that children who ate organic foods had a substantially lower level of chemicals in their bloodstream compared to children who did not.
Chemicals compromise the immune system function that plays a major role in fighting off diseases.
If possible, try feeding an organic or raw diet along with plenty of fresh filtered water.
Dogs are not meant to eat corn meal or by products that are ingredients in many commercial foods, especially in the supermarkets.
Go to the pet store and buy a higher quality dog food.
In the long run it will pay off in less vet bills.
Supplements for boosting your dog's immune system include vitamin C and vitamin E.
A good multi-vitamin is the first step in how to help your dogs' immune system.
Herbs like milk thistle and dandelion are herbs that a dog would normally eat in the wild to cleanse their liver.
The liver is the backbone of any healthy immune system if it is functioning correctly.
So there you have it.
Put these suggestions to work and you will have a healthy, happy dog that will live a long life.

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