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Most of the current Yellow Page directories are printed on white paper.
Yellow ink is printed over it to merely give the appearance of yellow paper.
That allows the ability of the publisher to print full color on white paper, as with magazines and newspapers.
There are many other misconceptions that most businesses and consumers assume.
Here are a few more:
  1. The largest ads mean the products or services offered are the most expensive
  2. Most people now use the Internet instead
  3. They were invented by the Chinese, hence the "Yellow.
  4. National companies use other media for their advertising
  5. Businesses with "A" names get the first calls
These are just a few of many myths, but let's explore these few.
  1. To begin with,ad size as absolutely nothing to do with product cost.
    Just as the largest companies like Home Depot actually sell their goods for less than the small local hardware store.
    Therefore, large could actually equate to lower cost.
  2. Next, although the Internet is great for research, the Yellow Pages will still have the best and most complete local directory to find neighborhood businesses with items and services to offer the consumer.
    Especially if you need an emergency service like a plumber.
  3. The first Yellow Pages was first delivered in Wyoming in 1883 as a pamphlet until it evolved into a small book printed on yellow paper, which the printer happened to have on hand.
  4. There are many national companies that advertise in the directory: U-Haul, Sears, Ryder Trucks, and Hertz, just to name a few.
    In addition, there are brand names for every major company sprinkled throughout in the trademark ads for everything from appliances to zippers.
  5. Finally, the alphabetically placed in-column ads with "A" names may be listed first, but the larger display ads still get the lions share of the calls.
How do I know so much? I was a YP rep and consultant for nearly 25 years and, prior to that, had my own advertising agency.
I also have a degree in marketing.
I've been designing Yellow Page ads for the past three decades.
So I have expertise in YP creation and have advised almost 7000 companies on how to put together the most effective YP ads.
If you have a display or in-column ad, regardless of size, color or position, I can tell you it most probably needs improvement in the headline, artwork,body text, placement, book, or heading.
You must understand the ROI or return on investment and learn how to track the results as well.
So consider getting some expert advice before you place your next ad.
There are many good and inexpensive places to turn, some available on the internet.
Make sure the consultant is well qualified with at least 25 years experience.
Otherwise, you'll be wasting your own time and money.

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