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How to Turn Off the Sound on Robot Unicorn Attack

    Disable Sound Card

    • 1). Click the Volume icon in the status area of the task bar (located at the right side of the screen). The Volume icon is typically represented as a loudspeaker.

    • 2). Drag the master volume control slider as far down as possible to disable sound.

    • 3). Click the "Mute" check box to mute any sound coming from your computer.

    Turn Off Your Speakers

    • 1). Locate the main computer speaker by following the audio cable from the back of your computer to the back of the speaker.

    • 2). Twist the volume control counterclockwise to lower the volume coming from the speakers.

    • 3). Turn the volume control all the way down until it clicks, or press the "Power" button on the speaker to turn the computer speakers off, which will disable the sound coming from your browser.

    Use FlashMute

    • 1). Download and install FlashMute (see Resources).

    • 2). Click the "FlashMute" icon in the status area of the task bar to open the control panel.

    • 3). Drag the volume control as far down as possible, or click to place a check in the "Mute" check box to turn off the sound coming from any embedded Flash playing in your browser, including Robot Unicorn Attack.

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