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Beautiful Holiday Vacation at Roses

With such a quaint name, Roses has to be an attractive holiday spot for any vacationer visiting Spain. This delightful tourist resort lies in Catalan on the famous Costa Brava with a close proximity to France.

The quaint city of Roses was of great interest to the Greeks at the 3rd century BC with numerous Greek architectural remains. The Romans also developed a lot of impressive Roman buildings in the 11th century with an exciting vibrant lifestyle that is carried on until today.

Ancient sites

The City of Roses is also called Rhode by the Greeks in 776 BC. One of its well preserved buildings is the Citadel which was built in a star shape. The Ciudadela is a unique fortress which underwent reconstruction during the 16th century to allow its continued preservation today. There is also the same period Trinitat Castle with fine architecture that impresses visitors and locals.

These structures form the ancient quarter or old town which has many restaurants and bars serving local cuisine and warm hospitality. The Roses lighthouse is another famous landmark in the region which offers an amazing landscape to the area.

Natural beaches

The City of Roses is also famous for its beautiful and clean beaches which draw tourists from all corners of the earth. Its beaches are the biggest tourist attraction as the sand is white and soft which has won the Blue flag status for tidiness and safety. There is a plethora of charming coves and bays which prove to be another interesting point for the more adventurous.

The beaches at Roses are known to be a city beach with umbrellas, lounge chairs and shower facilities to offer tourists. There are many types of activities at the Roses beaches for children and adults. The myriad of water sports here at Roses beaches include snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, boating and swimming. There are plenty of water sports facilities that can be rented for the whole day to enjoy the sun and fun in the warm waters.

Tourist attractions

Besides the historical sites and natural beaches, Roses also offers the famous Aqua Brava Water Park for families with children to spend the whole day enjoying the exciting rides safely.

Visitors to Roses can take advantage of the beautiful golf courses which are of international quality with beautiful and challenging landscapes. There are also karting and outdoor sports at holiday resorts to keep all tourists, young or old, occupied.

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