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What Does Super Bowl Sunday Tell Us About The American Dream?

The American Dream is still alive and well as we watch the last football game of the season come to a colossal ending.
The Super Bowl began as an idea and has evolved into this massive mania.
How great is the American Dream? Bringing an idea into reality is still possible.
It's never too late.
The mystery and magic of football mania continues to give Americans relief from the woes of everyday living.
We have the freedom to click the TV remote choose our channel, and not watch politicians bashing each other, or who murdered the person next door.
A super bowl break from the evil terror attacks by extremists or the nuclear bomb threats from countries that hate us is spiritual and emotional refreshment.
Super Bowl Sunday is the tension release for many Americans.
They can watch the aggression played out on the football field between two teams fighting for the Great American Trophy.
And let us not forget the Super Bowl commercials.
Companies spend millions of dollars hoping to win the best commercial Oscar like nomination.
Then there's the half-time entertainer of the century doing something no-one else has ever done! This event is good clean entertainment for the entire family.
Perhaps there should be a warning for the lingerie commercials.
But then we take our children to the beach where bikinis rule.
According to Nielsen about 46% of the Super Bowl audience is women.
As more and more women enter the workplace via corporate leaders, or entrepreneurs.
competition certainly plays a part in their lives.
Once ignited, that competitive energy remains.
Have we evolved to become a massive competitive collective energy because of Super Bowl mania? On one Sunday out of every year, Americans come together with a spirit of party hard and play to win.
The love-based relationship between Americans and football mania continues to evolve every year.
Who knows perhaps this is the thread that holds the spirit of The American Dream in the hearts and minds of people.
I'm not a big football fan, but I can see the positive reaction this sport brings to people.
Who could have imagined the merging of two football leagues which began in 1966 and actually started in 1970 would have grown to this magical time in American History.
Dream on America you're not done singing.
Supersizing the Super Bowl is proof that the American Dream is still within reach for those who work for it.

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