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Attn Lazy Men - 2 Sizzling Sex Tips Proven to Make Your Woman Wild in Bed (Not a Lot of Work)

In this article we are going to talk a little bit about some super simple strategies to add some "sizzle" to your sex life...
especially if you're woman feels like hard work to please! The truth? She probably isn't..
and there are most likely some super simple, magical methods for making her weak, wild and really turned on each and every time you make love.
Filed Under: Sex Does NOT Have to Be Hard Work! And some of the best ways to turn her on in amazingly erotic ways are actually FAR easier than you realize.
As a matter of fact, in just about every study done of female sexuality and passionate "preferences"...
some of the MOST universally desirable things women love in bed are actually amongst the most effortless on YOUR part to work! Curious to know more? Great...
continue reading as we take a closer look below! Tip #1: Timing IS Indeed Everything And when it comes to turning her on and driving her OVER the edge..
you simply CANNOT overestimate how important this is: The #1 key to giving your woman an orgasm, for example, 90% of the time (or more) is simply more time.
Foreplay requires at least 10 minutes of focused, intense stimulation.
It's really NOT hard work, and if you do nothing more than this for the "right" amount of time for your specific partner, her orgasmic ability and frequency SHOULD increase by 300 or 400% or more! Tip #2: An Erotic Ambiance is An Amazing Aphrodisiac Or said differently...
the atmosphere or environment you create BEFORE you make love is incredibly important to HER.
(to men..
not so much..
:-) But did you know, for example, that in a study done in 2008, over three quarters of women who regularly with their partners, admitted they could NOT achieve orgasm in a motel room they considered "dirty" or unclean...
even if the sex was the same in every other way? The simple truth is that if you are able to get her MOST erogenous zone over-heated (her mind) through sensory stimulation before sex..
you can help her achieve climax FAR faster and more powerfully..
EVEN if the sex really isn't that great! (love, romance and feeling emotionally connected are amongst the strongest drivers of the female orgasm...
and ALL are accentuated by an erotic atmosphere that makes her feel aroused and in love...
even if just for a few minutes..
:-) The bottom line? You do NOT need to be an Olympic athlete to be an amazing and very satisfying lover.
The simple tips above, while designed for the "average" man, are an amazing way for you to show off your sensual skills, without working too hard to do it!

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