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How To Always Discern The Truth - Lessons Based on The Unconscious Wisdom

You will always discern the truth everywhere when you look for what is bad.
The people who want to mislead you will tell you that you are very intelligent and very nice, in order to conquer your heart.
They play with your emotions and they are very manipulative.
Of course you have heard the famous saying: "This is too good to be true!" Why? Because when people show you only the benefits of something, this means that they are hiding many negative aspects from you.
The truth is far from being like a paradise.
It usually looks like hell.
Everything is very difficult, you always have to work hard, everyone is a liar, everyone is selfish, you have to face many unexpected problems, etc.
So, be aware that if you want to always discern the truth everywhere, you have to look for what is bad.
This will be a very unpleasant occupation.
You'll tend to abandon it.
However, be persistent.
Only when you deeply analyze all the negative aspects of the personality of the person you love for example; or about a business negotiation, or any other aspect of your life, will you really discover the truth.
The truth is ugly.
You'll tend to avoid facing it.
However, open your eyes.
This new vision of the truth, will shape the development of your future life.
If you don't face it, you may blindly walk towards failure.
One could probably think that looking at the negative aspects of life will put you in a position where you'll always be worried and never relax.
You had better be always very worried about everything.
If you don't pay attention to all the negative details of your reality, you'll be an easy victim for all your enemies.
Will you become neurotic if you are always very suspicious about everyone and everything? The truth is that if you exaggerate you will really become mentally ill.
You have inherited a huge absurd content in the anti-conscience, your primitive conscience.
Whatever you do in life, never exaggerate.
The anti-conscience takes advantage of your weaknesses in order to imprison your human conscience into the labyrinth of craziness.
If you'll exaggerate, and never believe that you'll ever find anything good anywhere, or in anyone, than you'll become neurotic or schizophrenic.
Be careful! You must learn to balance, not always believe everything is good nor everything is bad but look for what is good and what is bad in every situation.
I'm sure that you don't know how to protect your mental health, or how to really discern the truth.
Nobody can easily discern it, unless they eliminate the poisonous influence of their anti-conscience in their human side.
You can be helped by learning how to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.
I transformed the method discovered by Carl Jung into a fast method of dream translation.
The unconscious mind will help you transform your violent primitive conscience into a peaceful one.
After mastering the dream language you'll be guided by the unconscious wisdom, and very easily discern what is good and what is bad.
At the same time, you won't be threatened by any mental illness in your life.
You'll live peacefully and happily, always evolving, and always helping the world become a better place for everyone.

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