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What is Good Friday? My Personal Passover Story

What is Good Friday? It is the day that people remember Christ's sacrifice on the cross 2000 years ago.
It is also closely related to the Feast of Passover when Jewish people celebrate how the blood of a lamb caused the angel of death to passover them.
Have you had any gloomy Good Friday's in your life? Times when all things seemed lost, empty, or unrepairable? As I contemplated on how the disciples must have felt after seeing their Master crucified, I was reminded of many times in my life when the enemy thought he had defeated me.
I laid there crying, moaning,and feeling like I had no reason to live.
I wasn't aware of the significance of Good Friday.
This begins one of the many testimonies in my life of His redeeming power.
Why didn't I know the LORD ALWAYS LEADS US TO TRIUMPH? I married young and for the wrong reasons.
I had a desperate desire to be loved.
Many times as a young wife forsaken, I cried out to the Lord and he was always near me.
I had two precious sons rather quickly, and they consumed most of my time and attention.
Though there were many signs, I was caught off guard when my children's father left on Good Friday, right before my oldest son was to be confirmed.
I was devastated, and felt more insecure.
Because I turned to the Lord in my distress, a way was opened up for me into a new life.
Little did I know that the door was opening for me to gain a new understanding of what good Friday means.
A wonderful job opened up for me immediately.
The Lord had gone before me and made every crooked place straight.
Through the darkness of divorce and failure, I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
My two sons, however, were devastated by this news concerning their father.
I thought I could endure any hurt in my marriage, as long as I could protect my children.
I spoiled them in every way, even to accumulating huge debt.
My greatest fear had come to past, and my children were experiencing the things I had tried to protect them from all those years.
I cried to the Lord for His help.
He gave me strength to trust He would always protect my children.
It was through this job that I met my current husband.
He was single and had never been married.
By God's grace, we had a glorious courtship.
After we spent time apart praying and seeking the Lord's perfect will, the light broke through.
As I walked into the glorious Resurrection Sunday service at my church, Mike asked me to marry him.
What had been a gloomy Good Friday several years earlier, was turning into a glorious Resurrection Sunday for me.
The Lord can do the same for you.
He loves you more than anyone else, and He can redeem any situation in your life.
Because of what our Abba Father did through His precious Son, Jesus Christ on the cross, the enemy must Passover us if we take refuge in Him.
We are completely redeemed from every diabolical scheme.
He wants you to walk in His glorious resurrection power every minute of your life.

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