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Best Friend in Rebound Relationship With Your Ex - What Do I Do Now?

Have you discovered your best friend in a rebound relationship with your ex? This can be a tough one to handle.
Your heart may feel as though it is being beaten and battered every time you see them together but you can get through this.
The first rule to remember in this particular situation is: don't panic! Rebound relationships are generally short-lived.
This is especially true when the rebound relationship occurred within a short span of another relationship ending.
This can be exacerbated by the intensity and duration of the previous relationship but in most cases, a quick turnaround is a brief turnaround.
It doesn't help much in the betrayal department.
Perhaps you need to take a long look at your best friend as well as your ex.
You will not find a true best friend in rebound relationship with ex for any reason on the planet.
You might also want to seriously think about whether you want your ex back or not.
Your ex is sure to know that a relationship with the person you consider to be your best friend is sure to hurt you in more ways than one.
If you have given this plenty of thought and have decided that you still want your ex back, patience will be the world of the day.
It will be difficult.
There is a reason that patience is considered a virtue.
Wait out the rebound relationship that is likely to fail.
Be a friend to your ex and don't apply any pressure.
Chances are that when you find your best friend in rebound relationship with ex you will be traveling in the same social circles so you will be thrown together in social situations quite often.
If you fall apart every time, start to beg, or go into fits of angry outbursts, this will do nothing to help you accomplish your goal and may actually drive the two of them closer together.
This is the last thing you want.
Remember honey catches far more flies than vinegar.
When the breakup inevitably occurs, do not swoop in for the victory dance.
Offer a shoulder, a friendly ear, and commiseration to your ex.
Be very careful that you remain positive and avoid disparaging your best friend (or former best friend as the case may be).
It will ring self serving in the ears of your ex.
Remember even the dissolution of rebound relationships will hurt, no matter who initiated that particular breakup.

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