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Nourish the Soul Through the Creative Process

We all know the pleasure of getting lost in a good book or movie, but have you ever considered how much pleasure there can be in finding an inspirational pattern and deciding to engage yourself in some sort of creative process? Are you that person that walks by a package of magnificent rainbow colored felt pens or crayons and a little voice says: 'hmmm...
those look like fun!' Or perhaps you are an accomplished stained glass artist always on the lookout for a new and original pattern that you will transform into a beautiful stained glass piece? Or maybe you are someone who feels like they are not creative and do not know how to do anything at all.
I am here to say that we can ALL be creative and remind why the creative process will nourish your soul.
oIn this era of busy lives and instant gratification, it is healthy and revitalizing to be fully immersed in a creative project.
oThe absorption that comes when we are creating allows time to pass without the worries and concerns of day-to-day life.
oCreative work can be enjoyed alone or it can be a time to share and bond and laugh with your friends and family.
oThere is indescribable satisfaction that comes along with 'knowing how to do stuff'.
oCreativity stimulates the sensory right side of our brains that we often do not use.
This helps to make us more balanced and well rounded people.
oThink of the joy that you get when someone gives you a gift that was made with their own hands.
Imagine all that time they spent thinking about you.
Imagine the joy of making something for someone else.
If you are reading this article and feel like it does not apply to you because you are not 'artsy', well just look at coloring.
oColoring has NO rules and is inexpensive! oYou can color inside or outside of the lines and create in any color that grabs your attention! Who made the rule that the trees need to be green? Now grabs your tools and start creating!

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