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How to Swing Like Tiger Woods

I am not going to lie, learning how to perfect your golf swing is no easy task and can be very frustrating throughout the learning process, but once you are able to actually get your swing down to a science and start hitting tremendous drives down the fairway there is no better feeling when you see the results on your scorecard and on the face of your opponents.
It all starts with breaking down what you are doing during your golf swing.
Are you keeping your eye on the ball? Are you following through in your swing? Are you getting the maximum hip rotation? All these aspects of your swing come into play and can change your game from being just a mediocre golfer to being a force to be reckoned with on the links.
One of the biggest and most overlooked attributes of ones golf swing that can make and break your game is the role of the hips.
Your hips play a big part of your accuracy and distance during your swing.
With good hip rotation you can easily change your drive and increase your driving skills exponentially.
A good way to really see the role of your hips in your golf swing is to watch Tiger Woods in action.
He has just absolutely mastered the technique and it has reflected in his overall dominance of the golf over the years, I am not saying that his hip rotation has been the sole reason for being the best golfer today, but it has definitely played a big role in his success.

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