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How to Find the Best Hot Tubs Online

Gone are the days that shopping was done exclusively through physical retail markets and salesmen. The internet has changed the way we research products and how we purchase items and enlist services. With literally any product at your finger tips, more and more people are purchasing online. For those of you who are considering buying a hot tub but are skeptical about doing it through online sites, here are some tips on why it can be more beneficial than heading to a store,as well as where to find the best hot tubs online:

When you head to a hot tub retailer you are limited to the products they carry and the prices they set. If you purchase directly from a manufacturer, you will be able to choose from all their models and colors and even custom order your spa with added features. Prices are usually better when you cut out the middleman, like in the website This site features 52 American made models built by QCA Spas ‚¬€ one of the oldest manufacturers with over 40 years experience. Choose from a variety of options ranging from the number of seats your spa has, to adding a sound system, and the amount of jets you want. Purchasing from the manufacturer also means you are getting factory prices on the spa and accessories. This means no retail mark ups - just the price of the product.

Another benefit is optimal customer service that is there for you as you need it. If you are tired of pushy salesmen who can't answer all your questions, purchasing online is for you. With both a customer service line and live chat support, you can contact the experts and get your answers. Customer service reps won't be vying for your commission - they are there to assist you with picking the right hot tub and features you want or to answer your questions and concerns about the products or process, so you get the best spa for your needs.

Another advantage is in the shipping costs. Sites like offer free hot tub shipping on your purchase. They will deliver your spa to your door, free of cost. When you purchase from a retail store, you are not only paying more for your product but you are paying for it to be delivered to you.

To recap, if you purchase spas online, you get more variety, lower costs, expert customer service (when you buy from the right online stores) and free shipping to your home.

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