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How to Make a Headboard Out of a Climbing Trellis

    • 1). Measure the desired width of your headboard. Most headboards extend 2 to 4 inches on each side of the mattress. Determine if you wish to make the headboard by hanging the climbing trellis horizontally on the wall or by standing two or more trellises side by side on the wall.

    • 2). Purchase climbing trellises according to your desired design and the headboard dimensions. For example, to make a climbing trellis headboard for a king-size bed, you will need four or five 18-inch-wide trellises to make a vertical headboard design. One 5-foot-tall climbing trellis will fit exactly behind a queen-size mattress if you hang it horizontally on the wall.

    • 3). Locate and mark the wall studs in the wall behind your bed. It's best to attach wall hangers for a climbing trellis to at least one wall stud.

    • 4). Determine the placement of the climbing trellis on the wall based on your desired headboard design. For example, if you are hanging one 60-inch trellis horizontally, determine the desired height of the bottom rail of the trellis above the mattress.

    • 5). Mark the brackets for the trellis rails on the wall based on the location of the wall studs. You can hang a horizontal trellis using four wall brackets, one in each corner of the trellis. Vertical side-by-side trellis headboards will need two wall brackets at the top of each trellis. The mattress frame will hold the bottom of the climbing trellis steady against the wall, but you can add brackets to the bottom of the trellises if you like.

    • 6). Attach the wall brackets to the wall. Attach the corresponding sections of the brackets to the back side of the trellis. Hang the trellis. If you are using a metal trellis, you can attach it to the wall using a flexible metal strap bracket. In this case, attach one side of the strap bracket to the wall over the stud, and then position the trellis and wrap the strap around the rail before attaching the remaining side to the wall.

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