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How To Improve Stage Presence - 3 Easy Ways

In my 14 years as a stand up comedian, I've seen brilliant jokes go flat on stage because of the poor delivery by inexperienced comedians.
And I have seen mediocre material get an applause break just because the comic delivered it with so much confidence, I couldn't resist laughing and neither could the audience.
So the power of stage presence goes a long long way in the business of comedy or in any business that requires you to present yourself to an audience.
Your performance can be so much better, even if you have some weak jokes, if you know how to handle yourself once you're up there in front of a crowd.
There are a lot of techniques you can use to project confidence to your audience.
These are only 3 simple things that I have observed and used myself to bring that confidence and swagger on stage.
They maybe small things but make a big difference in your performance.
I know they work because I've used them myself.
Here they are: 1.
Position your body and face to take advantage of the lighting.
You may be like a Dane Cook were you walk all over the stage, but if the audience can't see you, then you won't be that funny.
Actually, trying to be a Dane Cook will make you not that funny.
Hold the microphone appropriately.
If you're going to whisper, keep the mic close to your mouth.
If you're going to scream, move it to the side or keep it at a good distance away from your lips.
And please, try not to spit into the microphone as a consideration for the next performer.
If you are using a headset microphone, then you should probably join a boy band instead of being a comedian.
If you take the microphone out of the microphone stand, make sure you put the stand behind you.
You do not want any barriers between you and your audience.
Doing stand up comedy is an intimate performance, and you want to appear as close as you can to the crowd, without actually being up in their face.
Having the stand in front of you will cause distraction.
Of course, these techniques I just shared with you won't make you a funnier comedian.
But it will help project a more confident you on stage.
And you don't have to be a comedian to appreciate that.

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