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Facebook Marketing Tactics

The business of the web or of the BPO Company (business process outsourcing) is this: there are no concrete business models, and marketing strategies become more and more unique as brands battle it out on the internet or in the World Wide Web.
Facebook, the number one social networking platform or social networking website in our lives is now being used to attract specific audiences to age appropriate brands as well as their respective countries.
If you have not jumped on the bandwagon, you might want to try a few of these attractive tactics.
Create an app or application and use it as your landing page.
It is been done many times.
In fact, it is the latest trend.
For many brands, creating an app or application and using it as a landing page makes their Facebook fan page a lot more unique.
It is giving them a sense of identity and of course it amuses the user to get a sneak peek into the brand's website (if there is any).
Promote and offer them something good.
In a recent study, we learned that the number one reason audiences liked a Facebook page was because of the promo or contest at hand.
Contests are a great way to gather the information you need for organic leads.
Require things like e-mail (electronic mail) and mobile when putting together a nifty promo.
Drive for user generated content.
You can only amuse your audience for so long, and more so, you can only have so many people taking care of your social media for you.
User generated content is great marketing strategy because it allows them to share it with their friends, and you gain fans to your page organically.
Create a tool that they can play with.
Whether it is Pac Man, Super Mario or a makeover tool that you have to offer, make it as interesting and playful as possible to gain their attention.
Word of mouth travels fast, and when you have something intriguing enough; they are going to want to tell their friends.
Redirect to your website.
Every Facebook page has its limits.
You were asked to market on Facebook, and you have done your job, now do not forget to redirect them to where they are really meant to go - your website.
So easy right? Start marketing your website on Facebook today!

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