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To Do List For Maintaining Your Above Ground Pools

Take care of your above ground polls is very important things to do if you want your pool be long lasting.
There is very easy and simple to do list for maintaining your above ground pools.
And the most important is crystal clear water, healthy and longer your equipment life.
Cleaning Above Ground Pools Cleaning your above ground swimming pool is very easy and quick, usually once or twice a week.
First thing to do is using skimmer to pick all the leaves from your pools.
After that, use your pool vacuum cleaner to clean pool bottom and debris.
Covered It When you do not using your pools, covered it.
This will prevent leaves and other debris going in and the result is vacuuming process quicker.
Circulation and Filtration Ideally, the water in the above ground pool should circulate within an eight hour time period.
To maximize the circulation, you need to clean the cartridge regularly by backwashing when pressure gauge indicating 8-10 lbs.
Change the filter cartridge if the pressure do not reduce after backwashing.
This is a must if you want to see crystal clear water at your above ground pools.
Water Balancing Your above ground swimming pools water must be balanced.
Proper water balance can prevent eye and skin irritation.
It also minimized corrosion or scale build up on pools or parts.
Testing pH around three times a week.
Use test strip and adjust the water balanced with pH adjuster that you can find at pools store.
Sanitizing Most effective and common use in sanitize above ground pools is chlorine tablets.
These tablets is slow and steadily release free chlorine into pool water and kill the bacteria effectively.
Other method is using stick and granules.
Whatever you choose, don't forget to place it in floater, automatic feeder or skimmer for continuous sanitizing and will protect from sun exposure.
Shocking When your above ground pools water being irritation and dull, that means you needs to use shock which is basically a concentrated chemical treatment(usually chlorine).
Scheduling shocking your pool once a week will freeing up the chlorine from urine, lotion, perspiration contamination and make your pool water crystal clear.
Algae Control Algae is the most enemy for above ground pools owner.
To prevent that happen, you have to maintain your chlorine to sufficient level.
Adding algaecide will prevent algae colonized in your above ground pools.
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