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How to Find the Stars on ''Super Mario Galaxy''

    • 1). Find a walkthrough guide online (see links in Resources) that you feel comfortable reading. Move through the levels, following the guide and get the stars in order. It's sometimes harder to find the stars when you follow walkthrough guides out of order.

    • 2). Play the game as normal, and when you come across a star that you're having a hard time with, log on to YouTube. Type in the name of the galaxy, followed by the specific star (for instance "Good Egg Galaxy--Dino Piranha"). Follow the video guide to find the star.

    • 3). Explore every level thoroughly. The most basic way to find all the stars in the game is to leave no stone unturned while playing. Keep in mind though, that the level gives you a clue as to where the star is. For instance, in Mission 2: "A Snack of Cosmic Proprtions," you have to feed a Luma 50 star bits. The title "A Snack of Cosmic Proportions" lets you know that you have to feed a lot of something to something else. Although vague, it does begin to point you in the right direction. Pay close attention to clues like this to help you find all the stars you're looking for.


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