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BACK PAIN Lower back pain is very common.
It affects 4 out of five people at some time during their lives.
It is the leading cause of disability for those aged from 19 to 45 and is the second most common cause of missed work days (after the common cold) for adults younger than 45.
Lower back pain becomes more common as people age.
It affects half the people older than 60 at any given time.
Each year the treatment of lower back pain costs more than $80 billion USD and insurance claims for disability due to lower back pain exceed $8 billion.
Although lower back pain rarely results from life threatening disorders, it is a significant health problem.
These people suffer chronic back pain are taking NSAIDs on a long term basis for pain relief without being fully aware of their consequences.
The drug taking is then worsened by a cocktail of two or three other medications that they are also taking for other problems.
I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to magnetic therapy and back pain.
Not as a result of the volumes of books and courses undertaken over the last ten years, but the application of that information with the life experiences of dealing with thousands upon thousands of customers who have come to me suffering from lower back pain.
On a personal level my play word for my wife Jannese is the "sciatic queen" (a word that does not impress her the least).
She can be a cranky girl at the best of time but God help me when she is suffering back pain.
As a previous professional body builder, Jannese at the age of 45 underwent two disc replacements and one fusion.
Her discs were completely gone.
Personally my back is fine, I have no back pain.
but Jannese on a personal level gave me a close insight into chronic back pain.
I watched helplessly with her inability to move, agonising spasms and not to mention a cocktail of drugs.
Her saviour at the time was her magnetic underlay and back belt.
Even today years later, take Jannese away from the magnetic underlay and magnetic back belt for more than three days and say hello sciatic queen.
As a magnetic therapist there is a variety of magnetic therapy products that I could suggest for the relief of back pain.
Remember that magnetic therapy products all do the same thing; it is only then the option of the manufacturer to provide a varied choice of area specific products to meet the client's individual problem and practical application.
Here are some examples of some practical magnetic products.
The magnetic therapy back belt is a very good basic product that provides the back pain sufferer with both support and magnetic therapy at the same time.
There are a number of supports on the market all varying in both material and manufacturing quality.
Many unknowing customers fall prey to the often hot and sweaty use of neoprene, which although elastic is not practical for general use in warmer climates.
Stretch cotton elastic is the best allowing the customer to breathe as well as supply support.
  • A magnetic therapy clip on pouch is a clever little magnetic therapy device to assist with back pain.
    It looks very similar to a money clip, instead of placing money in it you clip it in your underpants over the injured disc or the relevant sciatic nerve whether it is the left or right hand side of the back.
    This small little device is very unobtrusive but boy does it pack a magnetic punch as a result of the very large 3000 gauss magnet that is being used.
    I regularly see clients obtain very quick pain relief.
  • The magnetic therapy body studs are one of my favourite little products.
    Now let's not let their size deceive you.
    Powerful little 3000 gauss magnets, they are secured to the body with the use of a plaster or band aid.
    The magnets never run out and all you do is reattach them over and over again.
    When I go and speak at groups, I place these magnets on the people in the crowd and watch to their amazement as they achieve pain relief before I even stop my talk.
    You can apply these magnets to you disc area where the source of the problem is or the along the referred pain area.
  • And let's not forget the passive relief obtained from the magnetic underlay.
    Multiple magnets are placed in the magnetic therapy underlay to give its therapeutic value.
    The reason why the magnetic underlay works so well is because of the much greater number of magnets used as well as their stronger gauss strengths.
    Keep in mind that is it's the accumulation of all the magnets that makes all the difference.
    As the magnet strength falls away very quickly it is important to choose an underlay where the magnets are close to the top to get the maximum therapeutic result.
At the end of the day you can select one of a combination of many magnetic products for your specific back pain.
My greatest advice is to get your magnetic therapy product now and start getting relief from you back pain now.

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