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How to Replace a Freeze Plug on a 1998 LS Blazer

    • 1). Locate the freeze plugs on the Blazer's engine block and on the cylinder heads. These stamped plugs are 1½ inches in diameter, and look like inverted bottle caps inserted in the engine block. The freeze plugs in a six cylinder Blazer engine are located underneath the exhaust manifold, directly adjacent to each piston.

    • 2). Pry the existing freeze plug out of the hole, using the needle nose pliers and/or the small flat-head screwdriver if need be. The freeze plug will be rendered unusable as it's removed and must be replaced.

    • 3). Lightly buff the freeze plug hole with steel wool. Remove any burrs, metal shards or corrosion which exists on the side of the freeze plughole which could prevent the new freeze plug from sealing properly.

    • 4). Apply a small amount of silicone gasket material around the outside lip on the new freeze plug. Do not put gasket material on the engine block hole. This sealant should only used on the exterior of the engine block.

    • 5). Press the new freeze plug into each hole using a socket from a socket wrench set which exactly matches the size of the freeze plug. The socket should perfectly match the concave freeze plug's size in order to press the part in place without damaging it.

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