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Design Your Own Boat in 3D

If you, like many others, have a dream of building your own boat you probably have some sort of 3d boat design in your head.
And whether it's a yacht, a dinghy or some other sort of craft you're considering, you're going to need some plans.
Three dimensions Now, paper plans don't allow you to view your boat in three dimensions.
If you had some sort of 3d boat design software you could view your prospective craft from all angles it would make life much more easy.
And it would make the job much more interesting.
Being able to rotate your drawing is a huge advantage.
Until recently, this sort of software was available to professionals only and usually cost thousands of dollars.
Learning curve Well, things have changed.
You can now purchase your own 3d boat design software for less than the cost of a lifevest.
You might think that you just don't have the skill to design your own boat, but, because this type of software is aimed at the home build community, it is especially easy to use with lots of help to guide you as you progress.
It's true, there is a bit of a learning curve associated with this type of software, but once you've got the hang of it, you'll find that there's no going back to pencil and paper! Get designing! Most people would say that there's nothing more satisfying than building and then sailing your own boat.
Well, there is; and that's DESIGNING, then building and sailing your own boat.
I'm convinced that this new 3d boat design software is going to mark a sea-change in the types of craft we see on the water.
For too long, boat design has been stifled by commercial constraints and considerations related to marketing and sales volumes.
For boat builders like you and me, such considerations don't apply.
That's why I'm looking forward to seeing a whole new generation of ingenious and unusual hull designs.

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