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Does Your Ex Still Want You? - How to Read the Secret Signs

If anyone asks "does your ex still want you", then you possibly won't be able to answer instantly as it's a very complex question.
We all know the fact that each and every one has different personality traits.
But, you might find some people who express themselves in such a manner that the other person easily gets to know whether he/she is interested in you.
If you both have already gone through the break up stage and you still have positive feelings for your partner, then you need to know the secret signs that will indicate whether your partner also wants to be with you again.
In case if your partner regularly keeps in touch with you, then there's no need to self question that "does your ex still want you".
Also, you are likely to misunderstand your partner's liking for concern after the split.
Therefore, you need to pay extra attention on what topic your partner talks about.
In case if your ex asks personal questions like "what's happening in your life" or they are trying to find out what you are doing and whom you are dating, then it purely means that they still have emotional feelings for you.
Normally after any break off there's no reason why the ex couples need to meet each other as things need to move on in life.
Now the question is "does your ex still want you" after the split.
Basically there is no reason to meet up otherwise.
It is quite obvious that there is some kind of motivation behind it.
Your ex partner is trying to meet you up and sort out the things so that you will be together again.
Here's a simple test to know whether your ex really likes and cares about you.
Try finding any kind of excuse and avoid meeting them.
In that case, if they press the point to meet you on some other day or time, then they are missing you a lot.
And in true sense, missing means they still like you, care about you and love you.

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