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Discover Why Superfoods Are Critical for Anti Aging

Do you think about anti aging? I hear this term a lot.
It seems that a lot of people, possibly you included, are concerned about how you are aging.
The idea of the fountain of youth has been a concept for centuries.
If only we could find something that would keep us looking young and alive for ever.
Or at least a bit longer than the average life span.
People at the end of their lives might see anti aging as slowing down aging to stay around longer.
Younger people or people in mid life want to stay looking young.
Anti aging is a huge industry, it's a marketing strategy.
Offer products that provide the possibility of an endless youthful appearance and a way to live longer.
I personally don't think a whole lot about anti aging.
I figure I am where I am in life and I look the way I look.
What is interesting is that my wife and I, both in our 60's are told by other people that we look a lot younger, they ask what are you doing to look younger and have the energy of a lot younger person.
We certainly don't take any magic potions or drink from the fountain of youth, we don't have some unique exclusive process, like only the wealthy can afford.
Our secret, which isn't a secret at all, is that we decided a long time ago to believe in the concept "that you are what you eat.
" We became food conscious and healthy lifestyle conscious a long time ago.
We studied what it really takes to be truly healthy.
What it takes to have no illness or disease and not get sick.
Sure we have periodic injury pain and discomfort from leading an active physical life, but that's totally normal.
What we don't experience is getting sick, low energy, bad digestion, preventable disease.
We don't ever take any pharmaceutical drugs or even prescription drugs of any kind.
We very rarely ever even need an over the counter pain med.
I would say that we are aging well.
Perhaps what we do and the lifestyle we live is anti aging.
If I could put my finger on one single thing we do that contributes the most to the anti aging of our bodies and appearance, that would be consuming superfoods everyday.
We also eat a very clean organic food diet with tons of vegetables and fruit.
We are not strict vegetarians or vegans.
We do eat fish and some chicken, but we are careful to buy organic or at least very clean chicken and wild fish, not farm raised fish.
We eat very very little refined foods, like white flour, sugar, unhealthy oils and fats, We eat almost no processed refined foods, I say almost none, because we do eat out at restaurants and we can't always be sure what's in the dishes or where they came from.
Another reason for adding superfoods to your everyday diet mix is that we can no longer depend on the nutritional content of much of what we consume.
The way food is grown, and shipped around the world, most people can't be sure where or how their food was grown and produced.
Another big issue today that is outside our control and affects our health and aging process, is environmental toxins.
They are everywhere, we mostly can not see them.
We are exposed to them just being alive.
We get exposed from the materials that are all around us, in our house, at work, while we are outside.
We need a very high level of anti oxidants flowing through our systems daily just to keep up with flushing out all these toxins.
The build up and affect of these environmental toxins definitely adds to the aging process.
When you consciously seek out and consume specific superfood supplements as well as a healthy daily diet you are upping the levels of anti oxidants and vital nutrition.
Your body is much more effective at combating all these toxins.
By eating superfoods you are filling the nutrition gaps from the low nutrition levels of the majority of foods available today in the average super market.
Eating superfoods everyday to look younger and live longer is a smart move, well worth the extra expense.
It's a bit like an insurance policy.
If you want to age slowly, gracefully and look younger, get educated about nutrition and healthy eating.
Find out about effective, nutrition and anti oxidant packed whole superfoods.
You only live so long, why not have a lot more control of how long you will live and at what level of quality.

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