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What is the Difference Between a Scooter and a Motorcycle?

Although the difference between a scooter and a motorcycle seems like it should be easy to determine, based off of the appearance alone, there are many characteristics that differentiate these two vehicle types.
The similarities between the two are very distinct but the differences can be glaring.
From the engine placement to the transmission type, the differences between the two can be very apparent.
For instance, even a fast scooter's engine will be much smaller than that of an average motorcycle.
Scooters tend to have automatic transmissions and can be easier for a novice to learn how to use.
They also tend to be safer for new riders than their larger motorized counterparts due to their automatic transmissions, size and weight.
Below are some of the differences between the two modes of transportation: oFuel Economy: Due to the smaller engine size and lighter weight, a scooter will have a smaller gas tank and achieve better gas mileage than a motorcycle.
Although motorcycles tend to have better acceleration from a stop than a scooter, some fast scooters have been developed with greater acceleration and top end speed.
The larger engine on a motorcycle also makes them legal for highway travel.
oTransmission: Due to engine sizes, scooters are primarily automatic transmissions.
Motorcycles are predominantly manual transmissions.
oFoot Placement: The rider's placement of his feet is also a dead giveaway for a scooter.
Scooters have floorboards that do not require the rider to straddle the vehicle when riding or stopped.
However, motorcycles do not have the pass through for a rider's feet, so the rider straddles the bike when riding and stopped.
oEngine Placement: Scooters will tend to have the engine placed as close to the rear wheel as possible which allows for the pass through seating.
A motorcycle has the engine located more on the center of the frame.
There are facets of the both the scooter's and the motorcycle's definition that mirror each other.
However, there are distinct differences which allow each to cater to their own riders as well.
For the everyday commuter who is looking to save money on gas, a scooter is a very viable option.
For the longer commutes or road trips that might necessitate highway travel and/or a larger gas tank, motorcycles are the best option.
Whether you fit into one of these classifications or into a unique other one, there are many options to choose from to find the scooter or motorcycle that fits your needs.

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