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Fix Oranda Goldfish Constipation in 3 Easy Steps

Oranda goldfish one of the most popular goldfish breeds out in the hobby - their movements make them look like little bobble-heads that waddle around the tank! However, they are also prone to some pretty serious goldfish diseases due to all the line breeding that factored into making them that disproportionate egg-shape.
Their distorted body places them at a very high risk for a major player when it comes to buoyancy issues - constipation.
Provided that there are no other underlying problems, there is a really easy fix for constipated goldfish - you just need some organic green peas.
Items you will need to help your constipated goldfish:
  • Organic peas or equivalent green veggie
  • Small cup
  • Microwave
Step 1: Fast your goldfish for a few days.
When a goldfish is constipated, it's very important to stop feeding them for several days before you being treatment - the more you feed them, the more compacted they will get.
Fasting is a very important step to curing Goldfish constipation - your Goldie is suffering because their diet was too high in protein and not rich enough in fiber.
Because of this, they are unable to pass the food through like they normally would.
While a short term diet that is high in protein probably will not have this effect, a long term one almost always ends up in a blockage of some kind.
Essentially, by fasting them for several days you are ensuring that there won't be additional waste getting blocked up.
Step 2: Slowly introduce organic green peas to your goldfish.
Once you have fasted your Oranda Goldfish for around three days you will then need to introduce a diet that is rich in fiber - organic green peas are perfect for this! You don't have to use the organic kind, however, these generally don't contain salt - many of the other cheap brands of frozen peas have other ingredients as well, besides peas.
You will need to do a little bit of prep work to get the peas ready, but it really does not take very long.
Essentially, you will need to fill up a cup with water and then place your peas in it - remember not to thaw out too many! Once the peas are in the cup, microwave them for a few seconds so that they become soft and easy to squeeze out of the shell - the time it takes you to microwave the peas will be determined by the amount you are thawing out and how much water you use.
After you have placed the organic green peas in the microwave, you will then need to shell them.
This is a really quick process, and essentially all you are doing is squeezing them out of the outer layer of skin.
Once you have shelled the peas you can then cut them up or squish them and offer them to your Oranda goldfish - the softer the peas are, the easier they will be for your goldfish to eat them.
Step 3: Continue to observe your goldfish's behavior.
Once you have introduced the organic green peas to their diet you should start seeing long, thick strings of bright green poop - this is from the peas, don't start worrying! It normally does not take very long for this to happen, however, you will need to continue feeding your goldfish peas until they start to regularly pass them.
Once you have cleared up your Oranda's constipation issue, you will need to continue implementing a diet that is rich in fiber.
If you don't, you will only have the problem reoccur again.
If left untreated, goldfish constipation can become fatal even though it is very easy to prevent in the first place.
While this guide was intended for Oranda Goldfish, it can be applied to any of the fancy breeds successfully.

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