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Ideas for a Cheap DIY Wedding

    Wedding Communications

    • A money-savvy bride can skimp on the invitation budget by creating her own.invitation mariage image by Christophe Th??lisson from

      Invitations, RSVP cards, Save-the-Date cards, wedding programs and place cards can easily be created by the bride or a family member. One trip through the craft store can supply a bride with all the necessary supplies to get the party moving. A bride or family member with neat handwriting may be asked to use a calligraphy pen to word the invitations, RSVPs and place cards, creating an elegant feel for the event. Consider asking guests to respond via email as a "green" way to secure their places or save on return postage by using RSVP postcards. Announce the date to friends and family by personally telephoning each of them; this can serve as a "catch-up" conversation prior to the wedding, keeping you free to dance the night away instead of listening to Grandma describe her ailments.

    Dual-Purpose Decor

    • Stack favor boxes for guests in the table's center to avoid purchasing additional decor.Wedding Favors image by Vanessa van Rensburg from

      Keep credit card bills to a minimum by using decorations for more than one purpose. Centerpieces can be devised from stacks of decorative favor boxes containing delicious baked treats from an old family recipe. Set the boxes onto an elegant cake platter and, at the top of the carefully placed stack, hang a large tag designating the table's number. On each favor box, attach a personalized note to substitute for a place card. If you prefer to use floral centerpieces, create a centerpiece from home-grown seedlings potted in small, inexpensive terra cotta pots grouped together in the table's mid-section, and have them double as favors.

    Bridal Wear

    • Bead your own dress to save money on bridal wear.bride's dress image by Alex Motrenko from

      While some brides feel that the wedding gown is one of the most expensive investments when it comes to the wedding day preparations, it doesn't have to be. When searching for a dress, you may find it beneficial to the wallet to find a plain dress that is flattering to your body. Ask a friend or family member who is an avid craftsman to adorn the gown with beading or wedding-appropriate appliqués. Alternatively, use a hemmed piece of sheer, glittery fabric as a shawl to create budget-friendly attire. Your groom may find it cheaper to rent a tuxedo or wear a formal suit than to purchase an expensive outfit.

    The Meal

    • Prepare gourmet dishes at home to serve at the wedding.Salmon image by Mat Hayward from

      Expensive-looking chafing dishes, serving utensils, table- and flatware for a buffet-type meal may be rented from a wedding rental supply company as opposed to having the banquet facility provide them. Overhead costs associated with banquet halls are worked into various fees regarding the use of serving equipment and saving every little bit helps when you are planning a wedding. Family recipes set in professional serving dishes may be offered at the wedding instead of gourmet dishes made by a caterer.

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