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How to Make Kids Interested in Studies

  • 1). Provide positive reinforcement to your kids. Be a cheerleader who encourages healthy study habits. This will help them feel a sense of accomplishment in their studying and, in turn, will make them enjoy it more. Sit down with your child to set studying goals, and be prepared to listen and find out his needs. To help him focus, post a colorful list of those goals some place prominent in the house or in his room. Make yourself available if he needs any help or encouragement with his studies.

  • 2). Provide hands-on, learn-by-doing opportunities for your child. If she's studying biomes, take her to a nearby park to look for and document various species that live there. Prepare a batch of cookies to teach her about measurements and fractions. Help her write a journal about her day to improve on writing skills.

  • 3). Create an environment where your child will enjoy learning. Leave educational magazines and books lying around in accessible areas like the living room, and provide ample access to school supplies like paper, pencils and staplers.

  • 4). Offer a reward for doing well at school, and try to tie it in with the subject at hand. For example, tell your child you'll take him on a field trip to the zoo if he does a good job on an essay about bears. Set aside a movie-and-pizza night featuring the classic film "To Kill a Mockingbird" if he earns a good grade on a report about the book by Harper Lee.

  • 5). Be patient. Your child may not become interested right away, but keep providing the right incentives day after day, and be attentive to the specific needs and frustrations of your child. Over time, the child is more likely to take a greater interest in her studies and less time treating it as an odious chore.

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