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Poverty and social contract unimplemented in Albania

The Sony Ericsson k810i is a Cyber-shot mobile phone that can be used to make the memories of special moments last forever. The handset comes with a 3.2 mega-pixel digital camera; the incorporation of special camera features such as auto focus and Xenon flash ensure that the users get the most clear and vivid images – each time and every time.

Photo-fix technology is a part of the Sony Ericsson k810i. This gives users greater flexibility in adjusting light balance, brightness and contrast of the photos taken. One can unleash one's creativity to make the photos even more endearing. Due to the presence of Xenon flash, users get the best shots even in poor lighting conditions. This feature in itself is invaluable to mobile phone users who have a penchant for photography. They can now give vent to their creative urges in this area and be sure that they would not be hindered by "absence of a digital camera" in capturing beautiful moments in time.

One could use the Sony Ericsson k810i to capture around 9 photos in one second. Quite impressive, isn't it? Users could keep the specific shots that take to their fancy and discard the rest. So, as an owner of this mobile phone, you can now stop worrying about the perfect expression while your photo is being clicked. The camera options of the Sony Ericsson k810i ensure that none of your expressions are lost upon the world. The images, so taken, can be shared with family and friends. One could also upload the images and make them a part of their personal blogs.

Messaging options such as predictive text input, picture messaging, and text messaging and email access ensure that you are connected with your near and dear ones day in and day out. You could also use the handset to access the Internet or subscribe to RSS feeds and stay ahead of competition.


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