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Fast tips on avoiding traffic accidents

Following some basic tips on safety saves thousands of lives on American roads and it can be your life we're talking about. You'll be amazed how many accidents and fatalities can be avoided if all drivers use seatbelts, stick to defensive style of driving, stay cautious and simply follow the traffic rules.

One of the main accident causes on the roads is distraction. Researchers stress out the importance of being fully focused on the road while you're at the wheel. About 4,300 car accidents take place each day on American roads all because of distraction. Despite of the common belief that drunken driving leads to the majority of car accidents and deaths on the road, statistics show that only one third of the accidents happen due to alcohol consumption. Two thirds of traffic accidents occur when the driver gets distracted.

Traffic specialists advise drivers to avoid doing the following activities while being behind the wheel:

* Using cell phones
* Looking for things on floormats
* Changing radio stations or CDs
* Reading newspapers or checking maps
* Grooming or eating

It is much wiser to pull over at a safe section of the road if you need to perform one of these things. If you think that by doing so you're loosing time, think of losing your life because you got distracted by a phone conversation.

Aggressive driving is another aspect that should be avoided if you don't want your life to end on the road. Even if someone cuts you off don't get the situation escalating by forcing yourself in or arguing with other drivers. Stay calm and respect other traffic participants. Don't forget about courtesy while driving. If someone is driving rude and aggressively it's a matter of their manners not yours, just let them pass and don't get caught in conflicts on the road. Many accidents happen because drivers didn't consider other people on the same road with them.

Drivers should also consider having some safe distance between their cars and other vehicles in front or behind them. A general rule here is having one car length for every 10 Mph. The distance should be increased if the weather conditions are not favorable. This will raise your chances of avoiding an accident if the vehicle before you acts not as you have predicted.

Here are 10 basic tips for avoiding traffic accidents

1. Avoid drunken driving.
2. Avoid being distracted while driving. Don't talk on the phone, eat or read papers.
3. Keep your car in a good condition. Stick to the maintenance schedule and check the tires frequently.
4. Don't stick to aggressive driving even if someone cuts you off. Let them pass you or call the police if someone is driving too aggressively. Stay calm and avoid any conflicts on the road.
5. Respect the distance between your car and other vehicles. Remember that the distance should be one car length per 10 Mph. Increase the distance in unfavorable conditions.
6. Keep driving at a constant speed. Avoid speeding up and slowing down.
7. Make sure your mirrors are adjusted correctly and check them every 15 seconds.
8. Follow traffic rules and take a course of defensive driving to make your driving safer.
9. Be very cautious at intersections because it is the place where most accidents happen. Make sure to check the situation twice in both directions.
10. Take road conditions into account and try to be visible on the road.

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