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Most Common Sports And Activities In The Olympics

There are 32 individual and team sports played in the Olympic Games. The 2010 Olympic Games listed a total of 80 participating nations who competes each other for a prize. Some of the most popular sports include the following.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing started as a sport in the Olympics on 1936. There are five main events in this sport. The events include the slalom, downhill, giant slalom, combined, and super G. The sports often require the skiers to slide down a snow-covered hill.

Artistic Gymnastics

It is one of the fields of gymnastics wherein the gymnast need to perform different routine. The gymnast is the term given to the person who does the stunts with the use of different apparatus. Some of the equipments or apparatus they use include the vault, parallel bars, and high bars.


Badminton is one of the racket sport played by 1 or two players on each team. They make use of the net, racket, and the shuttlecock. Usually the game is often played up to 15 points. There are different rules that govern the men and women division.


Baseball started even before the American Civil War. The first organized baseball league is the National Association of Base Ball Players. Baseball was also known as the national pastime of many people before.


It is one of the many team sports played by two teams in a court. Basketball is one of the most watched sports nowadays because of the emergence of many celebrities who became famous because of basketball. Basketball players get points by simply shooing on the basket.


The sport makes use of a bowling ball. They are often played by throwing the ball into the flat surface where bowling pins stand on the other side. It is one of the most preferred sport by some people because it helps those muscle groups that are not often exercised in other sport activities.

Football (Soccer)

It is also a team sport which aims to advance the ball into a certain goal. Unlike basketball which makes use of the hand in dribbling the ball, soccer makes use of the feet and legs by simply kicking the ball into the goal.


It is a Korean Martial Arts which spreads all over the world. It was commonly termed after three Korean terms "tae" which means to break or strike with the use of the feet, "kwon" which means to strike with the fist, and do" which is an art. Thus, the sport means the art of kicking and punching.


This is an individual sport. The archer makes use of different materials like the bow, arrow shafts or cedar arrow shafts, arrows, target, and protective equipments.

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