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Christmas Food Hampers

With Christmas just round the corner it's time to start thinking about gifts.
Apart from the usual toys, toiletries and clothing, there is one area that has grown in recent years and that is Christmas food hampers.
As well as being popular gifts for family and friends that live nearby, hampers have also become a popular option for those that live further away.
The idea of sending or giving Christmas food hampers is not a new one; in fact it is believed to trace back to Victorian times.
Of course hampers were popular before this, but in a travelling capacity for nobility who needed to take food with them over long distances.
The idea of giving a hamper as a gift occurred during Victorian times, but again was linked to the rich and the wealthy.
Those who required staff to tend to their household and estate did not always pay well but many liked to reward their staff at the end of the year.
They decided that a good way to do this was by giving a Christmas food hamper, containing some essential, useful and luxury food items as a thank you for their hard work.
This method is recognised by many today, with the hamper being a gift of choice of many businesses for their staff.
It is fair to say that the definition and contents of a Christmas hamper has changed considerably over time, and they can now contain almost anything.
While ready-made hampers are still the most popular pick, a new trend has seen people being able to create their own from a range of different items.
This can include food, alcohol, useful items, clothing and much more depending on which retailer they are using.
Christmas food hampers are still far and away the most popular choice though, especially if they have something distinguishing about them.
For instance, they may contain solely organic produce or be sourced from a particular area of the country.
And with many gift baskets being sent long distances, it provides a chance for people to sample produce they might not otherwise encounter.
Added to this, there is always the benefit that once the contents has been consumed or removed, there is a perfectly usable hamper that is left at the end; this can be used for picnics or even recycled for next Christmas.
From relatively humble beginnings to a worldwide trend, Christmas food hampers have become one of the gifts of choice and there is no sign that this trend will diminish any time soon.

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