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Best Travel Pouch for Women: What to Look For

Though there are many travel pouch options, women will want to pay attention to a few items when deciding how to carry personal belongings.

When shopping, keep in mind the following:

Lightweight, Not Heavyweight

The last thing you need is to lug around a heavy travel pouch. You want to enjoy your vacation and see the sights. You don't want to be weighed down or exhausted before you've had a chance to enjoy yourself.

Be sure to choose a travel pouch that is lightweight. You want to be able to wear it for hours, even days at a time, and not even feel it or be annoyed by it. Make sure it's made of breathable fabric. It will be light enough to carry but sturdy enough to protect your belongings.

Size Matters

Women are known to overpack their luggage and their purses. Please note that your travel pouch is not your purse. You should only be carrying the items you absolutely need that day or during the entire trip. Think minimal but essential.

Make sure you choose a pouch that fits. Some ankle or leg pouches might be a bit large if they are made for men or considered to be one size fits all. A neck pouch might not work if you happen to have large breasts; perhaps a bra stash might be a bit more comfortable and disguisable. A word of caution: Digging into your bra will require some privacy or you may be facing some really awkward moments.

Safety First

Unfortunately, women are big targets for thieves and pickpockets. You should enjoy your vacation but not have to worry about being robbed.

Luckily, more and more brands are creating travel pouches with all kinds of safety features. They now come with slash-proof cords or straps and even slash-proof lining. Many have sturdier zippers that don't open so easily to thieves. Travel pouches should also have zippers that face you, not away from you for others to open without your knowledge. Zipper locks are also a good idea to have on hand.

Remember to store your money in various places. Storing your money in different places always makes for the safest traveling. If a thief does come up to you, you won't have to give over all the money you were going to use for your trip.

Knowing that you should be looking for a lightweight, safety-featured travel pouch that fits everything you need will help you with your search for the perfect traveling companion.

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